Friday, March 20, 2015

Vitamin C depletes copper

Since I recommend lactofermented vegetables and consider sauerkraut that has not been heat-treated to be the number one anti-scurvy food (historically there were three that I know of: citrus fruits, sauerkraut/Kosher dills, sprouted mung beans), you, the readers, should know that vitamin C depletes one very important mineral very speedily...copper!  While there are many different copper supplements available today, there is no better presenter on the subject than Dr. Joel Wallach.  He might say, with an increasingly rapid pace, "if you have hemorrhoids, wrinkles, crow's feet, things that sag, varicose veins, white gray or silver hair chances are you have a copper deficiency and have aneurysms developing in your body.  Now if you don't want to diet of something a turkey wouldn't die from you're gonna have to supplement.  Albert Einstein was a really smart guy but he wasn't smart enough to save himself from dying of a ruptured aortic aneurysm, a preventable copper deficiency disease! Hooah!"

Two sources of copper can be recommended for you by myself:

- colloidal cooper (be certain that you are getting plenty of zinc in the diet or supplementing with zinc)
- copper from a Back to Eden garden (I haven't got any soil test results for that mineral but I suspect it will be substantially better than in tilled soil) (I do know that zinc is much higher in a garden grown in deep compost with no tilling)


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