Friday, March 27, 2015

Secretary Not Sure

"I ain't never seen plants grow out of no toilet!"

"Hey, that's pretty good.  Are you sure you aren't the smartest guy in the world?"


"He tried taking water from toilets, but it's Secretary Not Sure who finds himself in the toilet now.  And as history pulls down its pants and prepares to lower its ass on Not Sure's head, it will be Daddy Justice who will be crapping on him this time."

"We now go live to Violence Channel correspondent Formica Davis at the extreme court with highlights on today's trial."

"Thank you, Velveeta."


"Let's bring out our criminal!  He ruined the country by putting toilet water on crops!  He cost millions of people their jobs!  Let's get ready to rehabilitate Not Sure!"


"What about that nuc-c-c-c-clear reactor in Florida?  It's leaking."

"Maybe we should put toilet water on it."


Readers: who is the real Secretary Not Sure?  A very ordinary person that appears to be smart because of the stupidity of the average American.  The one who will bring a cure for acne, the dust bowl and car sickness.  Simple.  How about the GAPS diet, Back to Eden gardening and wood gasification?  How about Wayne Keith from  He gets 5200 miles/cord in his trucks, and it's renewable.  Don't trust Michio Kaku who hates independence and 'appropriate technology,' because the original natural solar battery is a piece of wood. 


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