Wednesday, January 28, 2015

WAPF nutritional principles and natural trumpet playing

Hello, readers.  I have a great abundance of ideas.  Let's go over one of them quickly so that I don't forget about it when I'm publishing a lot of other articles that are more important.

When I sustained neurological injury from the swine flu vaccine in late 2009, I immediately developed migraines twice per week and altitude intolerance and poor appetite.  The headaches gradually got worse until they were all day every day, and I now have almost zero natural appetite.  I can't play the trumpet now - I am far too disabled.  On a good day, using plenty of ginger and cannabis-infused butter and vaporized marijuana, and while using lots of healthy WAPF foods such as broth and soft egg yolks and butter and raw yogurt and Kosher dill pickles - on a really good day I think I can do about 5% of what I was physically capable of when I was age 14.  I guess you could measure that in wheelbarrow loads some other measurement, but the idea here is that with a lot of herbal medicines and real WAPF food I can only get to about 5% of my previous physical output.  So, I really, truly am not exaggerating when I tell you that I can't play the trumpet anymore.  But I can write about playing the trumpet.

Braces are the worst nightmare of any young trumpet player.  I had them for several years so I know firsthand!

However, braces are not really a status symbol - a desirable luxury enjoyed only by the rich - nor are they a "necessary evil" as some people believe.  Dental deformities are euphemistically referred to in modern days as "crowded and crooked teeth."  Instead of acknowledging the obvious problem - malnutrition - today's adults have instead leaned, for their own children, on techno-glitzy solutions similar to those medical treatments the Baby Boomer generation mistakenly thought could end cancer and other diseases. 

However, as decades have gone by American bodies have piled up as proof that the custom of administration of deadly substances branded as medicines ("chemotherapy") has not ended the scourge of cancer.  Radiation, another carcinogenic treatment has not ended cancer.  And surgery - a treatment that is regarded as successful if it prevents the spread of cancer - is the only treatment in mainstream oncology with any appearance of credibility.  Yet we must remember that surgery, though it will likely be regarded as the least barbaric and insane of the three accepted allopathic cancer treatment, will still be regarded as barbaric in the minds of any sane future humans that may or may not exist. That is the only sane thing to believe, for the truth is that you can't cut metabolic derangement out of the body and also because lacking an organ is regarded as "no side effect at all" in the world of surgery.  In other words, a lot of American men submit to have their prostates removed when they would be better off doing their own research about preventing and reversing cancer with real food and herbal medicines.  Then, many of these same people forget that not having a prostate is actually a side effect or undesirable consequence.  If Americans knew about all of the cancer viruses in the vaccines, there would be an outcry against our rogue government.  But long before there was ever a serious effort to undermine American health on the part of its own government, cancer existed in non-epidemic proportions.  In those days, cancer was simply the result of underlying metabolic derangement.  There were herbal tumor cures available - cannabis indica tincture was frequently used in the United States.  (in recent years Nova Scotia resident Rick Simpson has repopularized the antitumor effects of that herb using a form of cannabis essential oil)  But in the days before the polio vaccine, in the late 1800s and early 1900s, cancer as still best treated with food.  The same is true in modern days.  Foods and herbs and more powerful/effective than drugs, and they are also cheaper and usually nontoxic.  Every drug, if you could personify a drug, wishes that it could be an herb.  And every herb wishes that it could be real food.

Reading the book A Scanner Darkly made me realize how far the surveillance technology and the War on Drugs have gone.  It made me realize that we really need to abolish the War on Drugs - to declare an end to it as an American people.  As I implied in the above paragraph, we should also declare an end to the War on Cancer.  Our government has proven repeatedly that any time it declares a war on something, it will create a lot more of that something by funding both sides of the conflict.  I also think we should declare an end to the War on Terrorism, because we are so dangerously close to having all the good people falsely named terrorists and rounded up!  The drone technology of the War on Terror has started to come home - I believe if we don't stop the War on Terror now, it will be too late.

Next, I believe that America's approach to dental health has been far too bellicose.  We have submitted our children to the care of poorly informed dentists who poison the children with fluoride and give them spotted teeth!  May the brains kidneys and skeletons of these children be resilient until they learn to avoid poison!!  At a later age, today's mothers and fathers submit their children to the care of an orthodontist, believing that if they don't shell out 7000.00 USD for a treatment that "must" be enjoyed by elites, they are unfit parents.  And some of you naive ones reading this still believe America is the "first world"!  Maybe in the future, braces as a custom will be regarded as similar to foot-binding.

We need to end our War on Dental Health!  As the War on Cancer has proven, no amount of poison, no amount of "Big Bad Chemo" will evict cancer from the human body.  No amount of fluoride poisoning and dental fluorosis, no amount of forceful prying, torque and mechanical tension will restore a human mouth to health after the ravages of dental deformities.

You with your smartphones and shiny toys think you are near to Mount Olympus, close to the gods!  But SmartMeters, smartcars, smartphones, and all of the microphoned, microchipped, Android OS-enabled rice cookers dishwashers and refrigerators are for your enslavement.  And the braces are a mark of that enslavement, a sign of dental and skeletal compromise and of your stunted IQ, a sign of your objectively lower level of biological attractiveness, not a status symbol! 

In her excellent video presentation "Nourishing Traditional Diets," available here, WAPF president Sally Fallon talks about the skeletal compromise that is obvious in our youngsters today, and the improved skeletal dental and mental health that may be enjoyed by those on a healthy traditional diet.  Glasses, braces, wisdom tooth extraction, narrow face leading to poor development of the master glands of the head (pituitary, pineal, hypothalamus), and narrow hips leading to especially difficult childbirth - these are all avoidable with proper diet.

A common myth that is promoted today by change agents (to learn more about change agents see the work of Charlotte Iserbyt) and even found in children's books, is that humans are "evolving" to a species without a nose, with a great big egg-head with a narrow face.  Sorry, readers, but the ones who promote that idea are either deceivers or are themselves deceived.  The trend of human faces moving in that direction is obvious, but it is because of the lowfat prudent Puritan diet our genocidal government has recommended, and it is the result of malnutrition, not an improvement.  Sunken-in faces are the result of skeletal compromise, not the result of a supposedly technologically advanced hyperintelligent being divorcing itself from the natural world, moving in the direction of what Joel Salatin would call a "Star Trek nirvana"!

Dr. Toni Bark's Israel cat teeth dissolving episode is proof that, at least in animal subjects, our love-gov knows how to vaccinate to dissolve teeth.

Who is to say if all of my WAPF knowledge and knowing Ramiel Nagel's protocol from Cure Tooth Decay would be enough to withstand such an attack if it were ever carried out on humans.  But I do know that a war-like approach to dental health is certain to fail miserably.

And so when it comes to trumpet playing, y'all should know that there are some natural trumpet players out there.  We've all seen them.  They have a brilliant glorious sound without any effort, they hit the high notes with ease, and they don't seem to break down under pressure.  Well, there is no longer any reason to be jealous or to wonder "why can't I be like that?"  For many of the natural trumpet players out there, the actual shape of their jaw, the size of the palate, where the teeth meet (underbites, overbites, etc.) - that is, actual physical characteristics that can't be changed with food once they've reached adulthood are a huge reason for their exceptional (and relatively effortless) trumpet playing. 

In other words, a lot of you that have struggled for years and years never having fun with the trumpet (as I did) were just, in large part, struggling with dental deformities.

Now, that is not to say that if you take a human with a perfectly developed palate and jaw, naturally straight teeth and no need for glasses braces or wisdom tooth extraction that happens to also be tone deaf, that they will do a great job playing the trumpet.  But I do think such an individual would be able to have better sound production than me with little or no work.  However, I know that there is some rumor that I might be's a good thing I put down that trumpet!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

AMR microwave radiation device installation, microwave expert video (part 1 and part 2)

WiFi is a sterilant!  Obviously, it should not be in schools.

Next, microwave devices can be and are weaponized!  SmartMeters and AMR readers that operate at the 900 MHz frequency are hazardous for people and animals, retard plant growth, damage DNA and mitochondrial DNA, microwaves can be directed into the head to cause a person to "mess up" in their behavior, cause headaches, fatigue, nausea, rupture red blood cells, and more.

Anyone out there who starts buying garden seeds, in my opinion, is likelier to be targeted for irradiation (and microwave-emitting meters) than the average person.  I believe that there is very likely already a serious problem with irradiation and damage of garden seeds that travel through the postal service.


Hi there, readers.  On 1/13/2015, two months after I moved to this location, I awoke to hear a bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang! as the power company employee pried and worked to get the analog meter off the wall.

The New World Order crowd is pathetic, my readers.  "we don't know what else to do, so just ramp up the microwave attacks on John's head" seems to be the strategy of the week.


(I know the reason why this is happening at this time specifically, readers.  It's because I am a political dissenter.)

Some of you might not get it.  Some of you - may God bless you with some healthy paranoia neurons - who assume that cordless phones are safe, might not understand why I know it is not good for my health to get bombarded with radiation at the 900 MHz frequency.  I'm sorry for you!  Others who are more open-minded - you might be interested to read the book The Petkau Effect by Ralph Graeub and its references, because he says that there is a resonance in the human head cavity at the 900 MHz frequency.  As someone with multiple chemical sensitivity, with constant migraine headaches all day every day, and as someone who knows that people with chemical sensitivity also have electrical sensitivity, I became interested in knowing that there is a resonance at 900 MHz in the human head cavity.  To me, that is very important.


Continuing the story of 1/13:

After he had already pried the analog meter off the wall, the power company employee told me he needed to run a test on the analog meter to verify that it was not giving inaccurate readings.

He told me that the meter needed to be reading between 98% and 102% of the real power consumption and said my meter was at 97% and had to be replaced.

I was also given some papers dealing with the RF output of smart meters, AMR meters and discussing the other two types of older style meters, digital and analog.  Their power company paperwork even referenced the website and a radiation blocking headband product.

Honestly, I think I need to buy a Faraday cage to go around my bed so that I can sleep in a low-radiation environment!

Anyway, I have an appointment for 8 or 9 AM on 1/14/2015 to have the AMR meter he installed switched out to a supposedly non-communicating, non-emitting, digital meter that will be read by an employee that comes through the back gate as they used to with the analog meter.  I will also request at that time for an accurate replacement analog meter to be specially installed at my place instead of the supposed "digital non-emitting" meter.  If the power company refuses to restore some type of analog meter, then at that time I will inform their employee and the power company that I will be paying for the installation of an accurate analog meter out of my own pocket. 

Some of you out there might object: "what is so wrong with the digital meter, John?"

Well, the one that supposedly does not emit is PROBABLY okay, but my honest answer is this: I don't know anything about electrical appliances.  I am a layman in that regard.  The power company gave me a graphic explaining, in their terms, the four types of meters: analog, digital non communicating, AMR and SmartMeter.  To my untrained eye, the noncommunicating digital meter looks just like the AMR meter and almost like the SmartMeter.  So if the company installs another AMR meter on 1/14 at 8-9 AM and not a truly "non-communicating" digital meter as they claim they will, I as a layman have no way to verify the meter is non-emitting without buying equipment, learning the trade, hiring experts or other absurd and unnecessary busywork!  I just hope that I can convince the employee to find an old discarded analog meter that tests accurate that he can put on the back wall of this living space.

If you still have an analog meter, don't be fooled: they (at the top) will hit you hard and fast, and they have the element of surprise.  They do not ask permission.  They do not care about health consequences, your eggs or sperm, your children, your garden, your seeds and plants or your life or future.  These people (at the top) are in league with the same people that want the bees to get destroyed and replaced by pesticide-spraying robotic pollinators.  The power company employee installing a device has interest in speed, not talking for hours with you.  More than likely, he just wants to go home, or to move on to the 400 other meters he must switch out.  Usually, the power company employee doesn't want you to be home.  They just want to install the new meter whether or not you are there, and it doesn't matter to them if ou only notice weeks later when you get anemic or you can figure out why your headaches are so bad or you are so nauseated.  More often than not, the power company employee doesn't care about your opinion, though they may feign politeness to a certain degree.  (Some are well-informed, too, and caring, but most of them just want to get the job over with)

Please watch this video, "Barrie Trower at the Open Mind Conference" part 1 and part 2!  Thank you, readers.