Monday, November 10, 2014

The Office: impending article!

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Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do.  I'm about to move for the second time in two months, and hopefully when I "get there" and restore internet access I can write an excellent, detailed article about the anti-WAPF nutritional propaganda in The Office (US).

In the last couple of years I have found anti-Weston A. Price Foundation nutritional propaganda in many popular films and televisions shows, enough that Sally Fallon should give me a small award or at least the honor of an internet radio interview.  Satanic Canadian sketch comedy group The Kids in the Hall has been writing comedy for both sides of the aisle since they began, with "The Saddest People" (about the sandwich people) and "Chicken Lady" being excellent examples of the deeper nutritional and political knowledge that glues their sketches together.  Of course, there are many other nutritional propaganda works that I have decoded with my good brain, such as "Take On Me" by a-Ha, or the Anchorman Afternoon Delight music video or the entire television series Arrested Development (the industrial seed oil "Cornballer," MayonnEgg, George Sr. and his boiled egg habit, hot ham water for zero gelatin content, and so on).  Again, Sally Fallon will back me on this, for those of you who are not Weston A. Price Foundation chapter leaders or not very savvy about nutrition.

There is also anti-2nd Amendment content, and pro-UN pro-WHO pro-vaccine content in The Office (US).  The elites are betting that after witnessing the behavior of the character Dwight Schrute, the standard American audience will not be ambitious enough to learn about real disease statistics amongst the unvaccinated, raw milk drinking Amish and Mennonites...who have no autism or asthma.  They are betting that Americans will unconsciously and automatically side with the sarcastic yet consistently collectivist Jim Halpert rather than becoming partial to the character of Dwight and then investigating the Amish culture deeply.

Whether it is Dwight working overtime to gross out the audience with his can of goose "grease," (the correct term is goose fat), trying to keep Americans from healthy traditional French cooking, or an errant, seemingly insignificant comment about a "little soybean" (you are what you eat), The Office (US) is full of nutritional propaganda designed to keep Americans ignorant about good nutrition and unintelligent from malnutrition.

Pam Beesley's pregnancy is just an opportunity for her script writers to make all kinds of unacceptable practices seem acceptable during the pregnancy of the standard American mother.  

I have written down a lot of notes about the specific dialogue that relates to nutritional propaganda in The Office (US), and when I'm back online I will tell all about it.

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