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Rescuing the Amish (and myself) from Agenda 21

Hello, readers.  I just got moved to another place.  Somehow I feel that I might be forced to move again soon, though I don't think that was the intention of my mother who ran the operations.  However that might not happen - maybe it is like getting out of a boat and remembering the motion while on land.

Lately, National Geographic has put out some very bad documentaries!  In an earlier article I highlighted the fact that a well-made response to the poorly-made National Geographic debunker episode against the 9/11 Truth movement (an episode that scarcely mentioned Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth or Richard Gage's film Blueprint for Truth) was plagued with an error from YouTube, making the video unplayable.

Consider this a review of National Geographic's documentary Amish on Break.

Concession statement: there were a few short scenes that made the Amish lifestyle look nice.

The first few seconds of the introduction tried to make the Amish people seem ignorant by focusing on the fact that they didn't know such names as John Lennon, JFK or Marilyn Monroe.

At 1:10, Leah says, "I've never really met people that I had a lot to do with that were black."

This is a National Geographic jab against the Amish people - an outstanding attempt to make them seem hopelessly ignorant of other cultures.  I'm sure that if they could have gotten away with it, the creators of the documentary might have even called her a racist!  Clearly, the segments that they selected for this film were taken out of a much larger pool of unedited video footage, yet from start to finish in this documentary there is an agenda, and it shows in almost every scene.

At about 38 minutes in, there is a comment about how the Schwarzentroopers, (spelling) a stricter variety of Amish, "don't want our children to know too much" because "maybe they would leave."  They highlight the fact that they don't plant flowers or teach history or geography like other Amish people.

Personally, I think everyone on Earth has been systematically stunted in their development.  And I do think the Amish, to some degree, are brainwashing victims, as are other Americans in a different way.  I don't like the idea that they are only allowed to play the harmonica.  That doesn't seem good at all.  But so very many of their customs are highly respectable and they are a people that is close to God and a people with a good heart.  I am not excited about the idea that some of the Amish kids don't have history class, or geography class, either.  But I felt that this section was clipped out of a larger video reel in order to make the Amish look to other Westerners as if they are the worst brainwashing victims ever.  I have little doubt that the Amish are harvested by the government as Cabbage Patch Kids just like me or you, but I'd rather spend a week with an Amish family that a chemically-lobotomized, hard-vaccinated, fluoride-drinking, CNN-watching, emotionally-stunted standard American family.

At approximately 47 minutes into the film, National Geographic highlights the fact that the Amish use oil lamps for lighting.

"Our rooms are pretty dark" and "many of us don't have hot running water, either."

This scene focuses on the darkness of the rooms and lack of hot running water in order to make them appear uncivilized or in the "dark ages".

However I'm sure the discerning viewer will be able to agree with the Amish boy who observed that the British boys with long hair and skin-tight trousers did not look as clean as the Amish.  I think they do quite well with hygiene without hot running water.  And certainly they avoid the fluoride exposure that so-called "civilized" zoo-people get from city tap water.

Recently I asked for an oil lamp and a rocket mass heater and a yurt and a piece of weed-infested scrubland.  Instead, my parents mortgaged me.  Extremely bright lights are not always desirable.  And with my headaches, the light of an oil lamp is preferable even over incandescent light bulbs.  I'm not against electricity or electric lighting, though.  I just think it's best to press your own oilseed at home and make biodiesel to power your generator and oil lamps.

At approximately 50:40, they focus on a guy who has some missing teeth!  Nowhere in the film do you see them focusing on the beautiful, white naturally straight teeth of the Amish girls Leah and Becky.  The creators of the documentary could have featured the large white teeth of Leah, or Becky's teeth - a perfect example of something that can't ever be achieved with the standard American diet and braces - straight teeth with a tiny space in between each one!  Their facial structure is also more robust than that of standard American kids today.  They have wider faces, allowing for full dental development.  Our children can have life without skeletal compromise if we follow Weston A. Price Foundation nutritional principles.

At about 53:26, things get really interesting.  The hostess asks, "What about politics?" "Do you vote?"

Leah responds, "I know our church prays for the government."  Then the camera cuts to the shocked/appalled look that the British girl makes with her face as a reaction, for emphasis!

I invite you, the viewer, the consider how long that dinner party might have gone on for, and to consider the few video clips that were selectively included.

At 54:15 we learn that the idea of global warming "would be laughed at" in the Amish society.

The young man comments "They were saying Ohio has been having record snow and record cold."

And then the camera cuts to the shocked/appalled look on the British boy's face.

Yes, the young Amish man made a logical error in his comment: Ohio's climate has little or nothing to do with global climate.  But I will show later in this article that the British boy is at least as ignorant of the truth about carbon dioxide emissions.

At 58:29 Leah says, "I remember my mom, sometimes, if we said a bad word she would put pepper on our tongue so it burned our mouth."

Some people might consider this a very harsh treatment for children but I consider it an improvement over what many Western parents do to their children - wash out their mouth with soap.  Even a very small amount of cayenne pepper (as opposed to black pepper) would be a better and safer non-detergent deterrent for children.  You see, putting soap in a child's mouth can only undermine their health, as the brain is made of fat and soaps can open the blood-brain barrier, and soaps destroy fat (what the brain is made of...remember?).  In today's America, washing out their mouth with soap becomes an even worse option; with the widespread commercial use of antibacterial soap (that can kill beneficial gut bacteria) and orthodontics, the sadistic parent might be tempted to hold their child down and forcefully grind antibacterial bar soap into their braces, causing their lips to bleed.

However, the Amish consume raw diary so on a population level they don't use braces.  Certainly, they would correctly regard orthodontic appliances as being "cheated" (as would Sally Fallon - see her video presentation Nourishing Traditional Diets).  Anyway, on to the next part.

At 1:02:48 a British man asks, "What sort of rights should government be protecting?"

Then they chime in,

1.  freedom of speech

2.  the right to bear arms

And just at the mention of gun ownership, the British man gets very uncomfortable and says, "Oh, my word, but no, I'll accept that, okay?"  Then the camera cuts to the shocked facial expressions of people acting like the 2nd Amendment is quaint.  Maybe they don't know their own crime statistics in the UK, or in other dangerous places like Mexico, Peru and Chicago and New York where the guns have been banned.

The young man who brought up the right to bear arms just looks on steadily.

You don't have to be brilliant to recognize that this scene was anti-gun ownership propaganda.

At 1:09:48 Leah says, "I almost feel like the world is losing what God intended a woman to be..."

They took this clip out of a much larger interview in order to make it look as if she doesn't understand gender equality issues - to look like she is an ignorant brainwashed non-liberated female slave!

I think she was referring to the fact that God did not intend for man and woman to be the same.  I personally believe that women need a lot more relaxation time during pregnancy and the early years of their kids' lives than our over-caffeinated freeway rat race society considers "normal."  This could involve women entirely quitting their jobs or restricting work time tremendously.  I certainly believe that women should have the same employment opportunities as men - however I do not believe in the image of a single mother who is psychologically married to the state and bottle-feeding soy formula while texting a potential investor on the iPad.

One of the Amish girls next tells the camera "It almost feels like 4 weeks is long enough.  Kind of feel the need to talk to someone again that believes like you do."

Readers, you are welcome to disagree with me, but I felt that clip was included because they wanted to make her look like she was a brainwashing victim that was not very open-minded.

Finally, I would like to add that all of the clips that had to do with religion, especially the mosque scene, were designed to make the Amish look paranoid for believing in the existence of Satan.

The Amish girls said that other religions were "a trick of Satan" and truthfully, this National Geographic smear campaign documentary was designed to make the Amish seem closed to new ideas or ignorant of other cultures.  I am not Amish but I now agree with them that other religions are a trick of Satan.  It is sad that there is so little healthy paranoia in the average person.  I think the Amish retain some of it because they avoid vaccinations.  Remember, readers, vaccines are for changing the mind, not for protecting you from infectious disease.

Amish and Mennonites, who drink raw milk and do not get vaccinated, have no autism and no asthma!

Vaccines cause death in severely malnourished children and cause subtler damage to others.

Okay, now, the subject of the article:

The Amish are sitting ducks when it comes to Agenda 21.  The elites could intentionally trigger a natural disaster or create a nuclear war or a plague and use the chaos to reorganize Amish society in the aftermath, according to their prescribed UN Agenda for the 21st Century.

The writers of Agenda 21 - those who are loyal to the New World Order yet pretend to be environmentalists - will seek to ban wood stoves, and the Amish are prime targets.  The Amish need to learn about rocket mass heaters and Back to Eden gardening!  I also think the WAPF guidelines, the GAPS diet for sick people and also Dr. Wallach's information could be high priorities, also.  I'm sure that if the Amish people learn about Back to Eden gardening they will love it.  But for their heating and cooking, the rocket mass heater and rocket stove are excellent inventions.  A rocket mass heater can be built for 200-400 dollars with a few friends over a weekend (or 50 dollars if you're really good at finding used materials).  It consumes 1/4th to 1/10th the fuel of a wood stove and put off 1/1000th of the smoke.  Other types of rocket stoves (that do not include a thermal battery) can also be used for speedy, efficient cooking.

The British boy who looked appalled that the Amish would laugh at the idea of global warming probably is not aware of what farmer and author Joel Salatin says about carbon dioxide: if all of the ranchers in the United States changed over their techniques to farming that was similar to Joel Salatin's method, then all of the carbon that has been emitted since the beginning of the industrial age would be sequestered in less than ten years.  In other words, using the carbon cycle is not a problem as our global warming fear-mongering control-freak government would have us believe - it just has to be balanced.

I also would like to write about methane mass expulsion, and other sources of methane like cow farts and how that relates to the Amish and Agenda 21, but that is for another time!

For now it is enough to tell you, the reader, that the Amish are a restful people that are under attack from the outside, and they need the protection of the regular Americans - our protection.  Sure, they may not yet know about Back to Eden no-till 10 times the mineral content gardening, but they are restful compared to me.  And when they build rocket mass heaters I feel that it will save a lot of their time and make for cleaner air, and it could help to keep the UN Agenda 21 "harmonizers" from bothering them.

Another very useful thing for the Amish people would be to read the methanol foods list from Dr. Woodrow Monte's research - article here.  I think their canned peaches might be one of the most dangerous things they eat!  Maybe the canned cherries are really dangerous, too.  Remember, folks, simmering canned tomatoes for three hours with an open lid will drive away the methanol, and remember that tomatoes are acidic enough to leach plenty of nickel out of stainless steel cookware and earthen cookware is safe.

However, I also think it would be good for them and my readers to know that the elites have underground bunkers and diesel generators.  I feel that we who oppose the New World Order need to do a similar thing - and grow our own oilseed to press and make biodiesel for the generators.  At this time I feel the generator option is the best for powering an underground bunker since a rocket mass heater or other wood stove device will not function underground.

The landmark supreme court decision of 1972 recognized the legality of the Amish educational way within the American system.  Chief Justice Warren Berger wrote: "There can be no assumption that today's majority is right, and the Amish and others like them are wrong.  A way of life that is odd or even erratic is not to be condemned because it is different."

As I have come to understand that my debilitating medical condition was caused by vaccine injury, and have come to understand the WAPF nutritional principles, it has become obvious to me that I need to protect the rights of all people, even myself, when it comes to refusal of medical treatments - no matter how modern or seemingly necessary - or practices such as consumption of raw dairy foods.

Oil lamps provide an excellent yellow-red quality of light and are not dependent on a centralized power grid.  The Amish also pay close attention to another lamp (the Bible). 

Former neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock long ago smashed the myth of "herd immunity."  If there is a plague and the Amish go unvaccinated, there is not cause for concern. 

This people also needs to know about the tenfold improvement in pasture fertility that Paul Gautschi experienced downhill of his Back to Eden garden.  The large amount of compost in his garden and orchard fertilized the pasture next to it, and this caused grass to grow very well.  He allowed 53 sheep onto his 1 1/4 acre pasture and they could not graze it down!  As observed by Paul Gautschi, this is a great practical example of the Shepherd's Psalm "he makes me lie down in green pastures."

Also because they don't want smoke detectors (I don't either and feel every American has the right to live without a smoke detector) then maybe the Amish would like to try some fire-resistant or fire-proof building material.  I recommend straw-light-clay.  I am not physically well and this is the natural building technique that I would use.  Straw-light-clay, or slip-straw is a construction method that goes back about 700 years to Germany.  The look is very similar to half-timber construction.  To me it seems very unlikely that the Amish would have to deal with such frequent fires if they used different materials.


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