Sunday, August 3, 2014

Permaculture shamans

A friend once told me, "shamanism is the oldest Satanic cult on Earth."

I think my friend was correct.

These two permaculture shamans (Paul Wheaton and Toby Hemenway) aren't allowed to speak out against the government - they aren't allowed to talk about the film Back to Eden, and they hate God!

In the comments section of Paul Wheaton's video, YouTube user Dr. Mediterranean commented:

"I'm not one for fascist takeover of the planet, but you if you did that and forced broadcast this to everyone on the planet and they had to sit and watch the whole thing, I would be ok with that."

I contend that "Dr. Mediterranean" actually is one for fascist takeover of the planet.


Because I've heard similar commentary before, from a real imposter - a Jungian analyst.

Yes, I was seeing a person to help interpret my dreams, and they turned out to be a demon - let us call him Dr. Rosicrucian, though that is not really his last name.  My Jungian analyst (really an analrapist) was pro-New World Order.

Here are some of the statements that this person made:

"I like being depressed.  It's my nature."

I asked, "You mean you don't want to be happier?"

"No, I prefer being depressed."

He also told me that he did not want his multiple sclerosis to heal.  I don't expect him to go on the GAPS diet any time soon to heal his multiple sclerosis or end his contact with the demonic realm (because schizophrenia can be cured with the GAPS diet).

And finally this very sick man (my former Jungian analyst) told me, before I fired him, that he "didn't want a socialist one-world government to take over, but he would be okay with that as long as it was utopian rather than dystopian."

Dr. Mediterranean's YouTube comment is so very much like that, and so it is my opinion that Dr Mediterranean is also pro-New World Order.

The intention of this article is not to tear down Paul Wheaton - obviously I believe you should familiarize yourself with all of his excellent permaculture ideas.  Just be aware - he is a gatekeeper.  There are subject he will not talk about until the last minute when all of the public demands it.  He is constricting the flow of knowledge about subjects while allowing the flow of knowledge about other subjects.

Paul Wheaton, in his presentation, even pretended to forget what vaccines are called!  Mark my words, he will delay the conversation in his community about vaccine injury as long as possible, until the bulk of the population is screaming about it.

And he will never allow conversation about Back to Eden, or about about Jesus, at least.

Be warned - anyone who talks about these issues will be hushed by Paul Wheaton and reminded what he repeats to all of his minions, "we talk about sustainability, homesteading and permaculture - ALL THE TIME."

The first time I heard Paul Wheaton's thing at the end of his videos, "come on out to the forums at where we talk about sustainability, homesteading and permaculture - all the time." ...the first time I heard that, I thought it was great.

Now I know that motto is used to exclude other conversation topics.  You'll never see Paul Wheaton talking about Blueprint for Truth by Richard Gage unless the whole audience gets on its feet and demands it.  I can't prove it, but I do believe he is an imposter.


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