Saturday, August 9, 2014

I think my next-door neighbors are possessed

I presently live in a duplex.  The two guys that live next door are not friendly - and that is not only my opinion.  (an arborist dropped off a load of wood chips a few months ago and remarked about how the neighbors didn't seem to get along with me very well or to like me very well.)

I am not writing this in order to be overly judgmental.  But nearly every time I start typing at my keyboard, my neighbors STOMP their feet on the floor, or sometimes run up and down the stairs and occasionally knock on the wall.  Honestly, this is an extremely effective strategy for derailing a person's train of thought, and my neighbors have acres of plausible deniability.

Those of you who are automatic, reflexive skeptics will be put greatly to shame.


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Anonymous said...

I can sympathize with you verbatim. The only thing I can suggest is watching something funny and laughing about it. Basically these neighbours are conceited and do not make space for others to live. They are not what Jesus would call neighbourly.