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Don't go cold turkey - all addictions are based on deficiency

In the same way that Dr. Wallach tells us that diabetes is not a disease of excess - that it is a deficiency of the trace minerals chromium and vanadium - I'd like to let you know that addictions are ALL caused by deficiencies.  It's a universal law!  (Here I am not strictly talking about nutrient deficiencies alone.)

The robber of this world wants you to believe that you should eat French fries made with deadly vegetable oil instead of driving your truck with biodiesel made from vegetable oil.  That same robber created a system in Salem Oregon whereby beef tallow is used to fuel our so-called "green" city buses in Corvallis!

If all of our beef tallow were grass-fed, it could be used for very much good - hardening the teeth and strengthening the bones of our children.  And if all of our beef tallow were grass-fed in this nation alone, and all USA pigs were raised Joel Salatin-style and all American chickens were pastured, "all of the carbon that has been emitted since the beginning of the Industrial Age would be sequestered in less than ten years" (Joel Salatin's words)  But we were tricked somehow by the old "switcheroo"!

(I do recommend low-heat cooking methods like water for most of your cooking or all of it if you are very ill - French fries should be an occasional treat.  Oven-roasting potatoes in beef tallow is a slightly better way to get a similar taste as you get in French fries.)

As it pertains to addictions, my message is that Sally Fallon was right when she came up with the term "pornographic foods" and applied it to foods like vegetable oil fries.

Your craving for salt and fat is not to be ashamed of.  The Bible talks about "rich marrow" and if you're unfamiliar with these foods it is through the fault of your government, mostly.

But you need unprocessed salt - not white table salt that has been recrystallized at 1200 degrees, turned white by that heating, and turned into something that practically burns your mouth when you taste it!

You will only kill brain cells, reduce your fertility, increase your risk of heart disease and of cancer by eating deadly vegetable oils.

By eating beef tallow you will only strengthen your teeth and bones!

Don't eat counterfeit French fries - what Sally Fallon called "the pornographic foods."  They are deadly!  You are craving the real deal - make real French fries at home and eat plenty of sauerkraut with them.

I could recommend the article "Vitamin B6: the Underappreciated Nutrient" on the Weston A. Price Foundation Website...certainly it is true that WAPF nutritional principles and especially the raw animal foods (and among the raw animal foods, raw dairy products in particular) could save many an alcoholic.

I could go on and on about the virtues of the GAPS diet, and remind you that I am sliding right into it!

Two years ago, the GAPS diet seemed to be an unscalable mountain - and if someone recommended it maybe I would have said, "F*** you!"

Now that I've learned how to make homemade lactofermented unpasteurized sauerkraut, raw yogurt, and very gelatinous bone broth, I feel that I'm almost doing the GAPS diet already. 

The great abundance of digestible, healthy, nutrient-dense food in my daily life makes giving up sweet potatoes, salads and a few other things for a while seem livable! 

My own cannabis use has gone from a steady 1 oz per month to less than 1/4 oz per month, sometimes 1/8th oz.  This is mostly because of the introduction of large amounts of fermented vegetables, raw yogurt, and bone broth to my diet.  I had been eating eggs and butter, however I found that when I ate large amounts of Kosher dill pickles (one of the mildest fermented vegetables for my headaches), raw yogurt and bone broth, that the combination of foods was very powerful.

There are some who lie down on their mattresses at night, scheming about how to cut me off from the world before I make myself known.  (Truthfully, I have kept myself hidden from the public, though this may not be obvious except to those that know me well.)  They pray to their master Satan for ideas day and night about what might be done to create compulsory medical treatments or a type of forcible imprisonment for me.  Many of these individuals come from Texas, that God-forsaken Satanist capital of the world.  Yes, some of these people are from the lone star state, or rather the pentastar state - because they do love their pentagrams so much.  Some of them are called professionals, though real professional conduct and indeed all forms of sincerity are far from their hearts.

One of them has expressed interest in having me taken away to the land of Texas for psychiatric "evaluation" - I will consent to no such thing.  Another wants me to stop using marijuana "for six months" "just to see if it helps," with complete disregard for my pain level and for my appetite problems.

If I were forced into a marijuana rehabilitation center, perhaps the resultant brain damage from my time staying there would be so severe that it would turn an activist into yet another zombie!  After a few months of barely eating, and being cut off from the foods that I need, maybe I would lose my will to fight back!  Those "professionals" who scheme nightly on their pillows desire exactly this.  If what I have described does not come to pass, I have not been proven wrong.  Truly their secret plots will be revealed some day even if their plotting for a marijuana rehabilitation center does not lead to action, and you will all be greatly shamed by your despicable, automatic, reflexive skepticism.

The truth is that I am a walking marijuana rehabilitation center.  There are pop culture legends made about such healers, to throw off the public from the truth and ridicule those healers.

There is only "one method" that is really necessary to "rehabilitate yerself, kid!"

The Illuminati-created television show Arrested Development does a lot to steer people away from that one method with their "Method One" clinic.  But the Weston A. Price Foundation nutritional principles and the GAPS diet can heal most things, and Back to Eden gardening is also in that toolbox!!!

Even the movie Dr. Dolittle can be explained as propaganda against real nutritional interventions and simple, broad-reaching nutritional principles.

Eddie Murphy's character talked to animals.  Dr. Joel Wallach "treats his patients like animals, and they get better."

And I will speak to the animal within, to warn you about what sort of animals we have become.  Our government sees us the way that a wicked farmer sees his feedlot animals, and very likely they will put us in concentration camps similar to CAFO operations.  They have systematically domesticated us all into living in zoo cage houses and have even tried to justify all of this with such volumes as Life of Pi, a book that made excuses for all of us zoo-people without being too obvious. 

I also desire to warn you that I think we all to some extent have a bad animal within, a Tyrannosaurus Rex or "tyrant lizard king," the reptilian side, the Devil, the Beast.

If I were YOUR doctor (Latin: "teacher") I would do very little.  I would tell you, "Look, animal, you're on your own.  Become your own investigator, because you are a lot more intelligent and caring than your allopath.  Question every authority figure.  Regrow some paranoia neurons.  Grow back some of the instinct that has been beaten and poisoned out of you.  Take a look at your medical doctor and see the quality of human being that they are.  Look at where 'they come from spiritually.' (Dr. Joel Wallach's words)  Look at their educational background - some of the most intense brainwashing imaginable!  Look at their long nights and long years of sleep deprivation and coffee-fueled trances at lectures the next day!  Look at these worn-down pharma-slaves who have the robes and the status of a priesthood!  Look at these hypocrites who take the Hippocratic oath but know nothing of raw liquid whey and raw milk, healing liquid animal medicines of the founders of Western medicine Galen and Hippocrates, hypocrites who into one hand promise such empty words as 'first do no harm' while with their other hand they do all the harm that can be needled to an infant on its first day of life!"

This article could have been all about specific nutrients that help alcoholism or other addictions.  It could have focused on vitamin B6.  But really I decided to write this today because I found a Bible passage that touches on addiction.  Here goes:

"If with Christ you died to the elemental spirits [or "the rudiments of the world], why do you live as if you still belonged to the world?  Why do you submit to regulations, "Do not handle, Do not taste, Do not touch?"  All these regulations refer to things that perish with use; they are simply human commands and teachings.  These have indeed an appearance of wisdom in promoting self-imposed piety, humility, and severe treatment of the body, but they are of no value in checking self-indulgence."

- Colossians 2:20-23

In part, I take that to mean: if you go cold turkey, you're going to end up a dead duck.

Also, some of you have submitted to your government, believing that they are protecting you from pathogens in raw milk.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  They have systematically destroyed the culture of Americans.  America was founded on Kosher dill pickles - it might not be absurd to argue that American "culture" has been destroyed.  The name of this country comes from "Amerigo Vespucci" - a pickle peddler on Columbus' ship.  His job was to prevent scurvy by ensuring that everyone had enough pickles to go around.  How was this possible, given that cucumbers are very low in vitamin C?  Lactofermentation makes vitamin C 20 times more available to the body than it is in raw vegetables.  Today most Americans only know of canned pickles - enzyme-less, nutrition-less, flavorless pickles that may even hurt you with methanol content!!

We are living in a time when raw milk is illegal in most parts of the nation, and when the bureaucrats will surely tell us that gardening, too, is illegal.  We are living in a time when Joel Salatin has proven to us all that proper grazing is the key to sequestering excess carbon dioxide, while improper grazing is one of the biggest contributors to environmental degradation.  All the answers we need are already here - the truth is that they've been covered up by our government.

So I encourage you not to submit to regulations, "do not handle, taste or touch" raw milk, do not participate in interstate commerce of raw milk or whatever human regulations you have been taught.

I discourage going cold turkey, I discourage rehabilitation centers and forced medical treatments, and I discourage self-imposed severe treatment of the body - it will only cause harm.

If you eat any turkey, if it is cold or hot, don't forget the foods you need to help digest it!  Unprocessed salt, lots of butter (raw is best), plenty of lactofermented vegetables, vitamin A-rich foods such as liver and fermented cod liver oil, and bone broth can all help you to digest your heavy Thanksgiving meal!  You won't learn that on CNN!

"The fastest way to deplete your body of vitamin A is by eating a high-protein, low-fat diet."

"The darling of the modern dietician is the boneless skinless chicken breast."

       - Sally Fallon


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