Saturday, August 9, 2014

Do Jehovah's Witnesses have psychic abilities?

Readers, I have not decided what to believe about the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Yet I feel that some of the individuals that have come to my door may be demon-possessed, and that they may be able to read the contents of my mind at any moment.

And today, when I suggested to a JW person that this might be the case, they nearly ran out the front door.

Had it been me, I think I would have been exceptionally curious about such an accusation.  I think I would have asked, "Why would you say that?"  I would want to know about all of the specific reasons.  Though I can't prove that I would not be upset by such an accusation, I believe that my reaction would be curiosity and very much questioning rather than a red, flushed face and nearly running out the door!

If one JW person was possessed, that doesn't mean that all members of the organization are possessed.   Please do not take this as a condemnation of the organization - I am still undecided.

There isn't any need to go into greater detail than that, for now.

In a previous article, I criticized Dr. Joel Wallach.  Make no mistake - I almost regard Dr. Wallach as one of my heroes.  Please learn everything Dr. Wallach teaches forwards and backwards!  Similarly, I have found many admiral traits in JW people, and it could be useful to learn what the Jehovah's Witnesses believe in order to separate the gold from the silt.  However, since I have not yet decided what to believe about the organization I cannot complete my judgment of them here and now.

It is my wish that anyone reading my website comes "to an accurate knowledge of the truth."

I don't know if the Jehovah's Witnesses are the true religion or not.  My hope is that anyone reading this will become an investigator, no longer looking to me or anyone else as an authority. 

Having been brought up in a few different churches, I do firmly believe that most churches are a conspiracy to make God look bad!  And make not mistake, readers, many pastors and church leaders are actually dark shepherds that are in direct contact with the underworld!

In his June 1st 2014 garden tour, available on YouTube channel L2Survive, Paul Gautschi talked about the tree of knowledge being "the first genetically modified organism."  I think this is a very interesting idea.  However, it might be useful to think of it as the first vaccine.

"Vaccine" is etymologically related to cattle - "vaca" in Spanish - and the elites who don't vaccinate their children think of the common people as confinement animals.  But think of this, readers: perhaps vaccines have the ability to modify thinking in such a way that people follow the Bad Shepherd (Satan, the Devil) instead of the Good Shepherd (God, Yahweh/Jehovah) - that they feel they are better off deciding what is right and wrong.

Antifertility vaccines have been used in wild horses for decades!

The first vaccine was a cow-pox vaccine...and round-ups are for cattle...I am reluctant to tell you that our government treats us like animals because I think animals should be raised in excellent conditions.  But the elites, if they are honest, will tell you that the Monsanto herbicide RoundUp "is for 'the cattle.'"  The expression "people were treated like animals" is only relevant in a world where animals are raised under torturous conditions, where they are raised in confinement rather than on a pasture!  Let's do away with that figure of speech and raise our animals humanely.  Proper grazing is a solution/the solution to the climate problem - remember that Joel Salatin, author of Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal has stated that if all the ranchers in the United Stated converted to pasture-raised animals similar to the method he uses, that all of the carbon that has been emitted since the beginning of the Industrial Age would be sequestered in less than ten years.


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