Monday, August 11, 2014

A short email to a friend explaining why I don't trust Alex Jones

(my friend's name has not been included in this email)

Hi ******,

[unimportant text omitted] 

I can't really give you a lot of great reasons about why I think Alex Jones works for the CIA.  However, in the part of this video (video available here) where he says, "going to sleep every night knowing you work for a bunch of psychotic killers" and that they are "probably going to end up killing [him] one day"...well, that part of the video, to me sounds like he let a little bit of the truth slip out.  I don't claim that it proves anything.  My gratest fear is that I would become the next Alex Jones and that I would either be directly controlled or indirectly controlled so much that I would be a distraction from the information I am trying to present.  More than that, if I never get turned into a CIA-derived plant like Alex, that is if I am blessed enough to retain my integrity for life, I hope that people do not ever begin to trust me.  I would hope that they always, upon hearing any of my words or the information I like to point to, that they determine that it demands that they start their own investigation and realize that in a human sense they are alone in today's world of medicine, and other realms beyond just medicine. 

But truly, ******, Alex's voice sounds absurd a lot of the time - it's a very gravelly sound and it is also clear to me that he uses hypnotic neurolinguistic programming techniques in his speech - the very halting manner of speaking that he does is not so different from that of our current US president Barrack Obama - except that Obama says "you know" a lot. 
I've started using Tor.  Thanks for recommending it.

Maybe the whole Youngevity team wants my head after I've written this article criticizing Dr. Joel Wallach...they are a Fortune 500 company, you know. 
I hate to even release a criticism that is so incomplete, but I think maybe if you read that, and begin to see that maybe even Dr. Wallach could possibly be a snake, then it won't be so very difficult to think that Alex Jones needs a second glance and a questioning investigation.  Health-related matters are my area of interest, and so it is a lot easier for me to find problems with somebody like Dr. Wallach than with Alex Jones.  Could Dr. Wallach really be ignorant of Weston A. Price Foundation nutritional principles?  Maybe, but I'm suspicious.




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