Friday, June 13, 2014

Thoughts on marijuana rehabilitation centers

Consider this a "preemptive strike."  It's not that I feel inclined to act militant - it's just that there are those who would pathologize me and so I must do this.

Lately, my father has been knowingly trying to kill himself with a statin drug.  I call this "statin-cide."

He also recently has quit drinking.

He has ignored all of my emails (I spent about 6 hours writing them from the end of 2013 until now) regarding WAPF nutrition priciples as it pertains to alcoholism, and regarding the dangers of statin drugs, the foolish goal of lowering cholesterol, and more.

And he has said for a while that the person who got him interested in law was early 20th century trial lawyer Clarence Darrow.  Of course, Clarence Darrow worked himself to exhaustion and dropped dead at the end of his last trial in order to try to make the other attorney look bad.

Well, I expect that my father will use his present day custom of not drinking as leverage to pathologize me.  That is, I believe that my father's next order of business, as he intentionally saps his own vitality with a statin drug and tells his wife to mortgage me, is to recommend that I be sent to a marijuana rehabilitation center.  As soon as the mortgage deal is completed, I'm sure that he will try to inject my mother with the idea that I am some kind of drug-addled fiend.

I can't talk about details, but he recently dropped a family tactical nuke, revealing great dishonesty.  I believe this is a distraction from his other great dishonesties.  I believe my father is most likely possessed by a demon or demons and is a lying manipulative sociopath!  The recent family tactical nuke was a way of saying, "look, everyone!  I was so dishonest about this thing!  Pay no attention to all those other things!"

I think he may be loyal to the New World Order.

If you think these charges are strong, consider this: my grandparents agree with me that he is a liar, that he is not to be trusted, that he is not well-intentioned and that he may possibly be a sociopath.  I am not certain about the last one.

Since I've written this little article maybe it's less likely that he would try something like that.  But I just know that the way the New World Order works is to induce a track record of mental illness for all of its dissenters.  And I am one of its dissenters.  I tell you: my father is very willing to participate in creating a track record of mental illness for me, and he has called the police on me many, many times without good reason.

By the way, folks...I'm not your typical stoner.  There is no Dorito-breath on me!  (the MSG would make my headache extremely severe, anyway)

As a cannabis user I have found that there are a lot of marijuana strains that don't work for my headaches...and for this reason I think I could be "the next William Breathes" - a hired pot critic.  Yes, I think my daily migraines, marijuana use for symptomatic relief, multiple chemical sensitivity, dog-like nose and writing can all be useful to me in this case.  Maybe Denver's Westword or another paper is looking to hire another pot critic, with a focus on marijuana strains that are good for migraine headaches.

And if you feel like pathologizing John, consider this.

"The founder of modern medicine was a physician named William Osler, who was prominent around the turn of the 19th to the 20th century, wrote the first textbook of internal medicine and in that textbook he said that cannabis was the most effective medication for migraine headaches."

Also consider that my new health insurance company only pays for 6 Zomig tablets every 24 days, as opposed to the old company which was good for 9 pills, 5 times every two months.

I've tried over a dozen pharmaceutical drugs (and I regret trying most of them) but Zomig is the only prescription that works for me.  I'd rather not take it - the side effects are concerning.  I feel very much scalp tenderness when I take Zomig, and never feel it if I don't take it.  I also feel very sensitive to temperature (ex: warm running water) in my hands and feet when I take Zomig.  Also I feel tightness in my chest when I take that drug.

I hope that someday I can find some herbal remedies or other remedies that I can use to replace the Zomig.  I'd rather not be dependent on the pharmaceutical companies.  Besides, if the grid goes down, how can I fill a prescription?

Anyway, the fact that I am using so much less Zomig (zolmitriptan) for migraine relief is a great stress to me.  6 pills every 24 days is not enough if I have headaches every day, all day long and my dose is 10 mg (2 pills).

I used to take high dose aspirin (1 g, up to 2x per day) and green tea (for the caffeine) 3 times per week for pain relief.  This helped for a while.  But I realized that even using the caffeine 3 days per week is absolutely too much for me!  I was addicted at that level.

Since about January of 2013 I've been unable to use apirin and use caffeine much less frequently.  I'm looking to replace the aspirin with willow bark and have replaced the green tea with yerba mate, which I read has about 1/5th the amount of fluoride of green tea.

Anyway, since my three main treatments have been...

1. zomig
2. marijuana, vaporized and cannabuttter
3. aspirin+caffeine

and number 3 has effectively been taken off the list...

and the amount of number 1 that is available has been drastically cut...

I'd have to honestly tell you all that it's a blessing to have some marijuana to help me eat and take the pain.  And I don't know how I'd get much gardening done without it!

I'm also very grateful to have a vaporizer because I have compared it with smoking joints and I believe that most of the turpenes (which are medicinal and very important to migraine patients) are burned off when smoking cannabis.  That said, smoking a joint will address a person's nausea slightly faster than vaporizing and sometimes is a better choice.  But for my headaches, the vaporizer is the best.

The film that got Rick Simpson interested in medical marijuana was called "Reefer Madness 2" with David Suzuki.  It's really worth watching.  You can find it on YouTube.  It was made before the days of vaporizers, so it shows a lot of patients smoking joints.  Compellingly, it shows a joint being smoked to stop the tremors of multiple sclerosis.

Vaporizing, in my opinion, is an improvement on smoking a joint for many different people and different medical needs.  But raw nonpsychoactive juicing, cannabutter or cannabis-infused coconut oil, Rick Simpson oil, vaporizing and smoking are all legitimate ways to use cannabis as a medicine - not to mention that cannabis can be rubbed directly on the body for localized medication.

I know I probably don't have to convince any of you reading this that marijuana is a viable medicine...but I had to write this "preemptive strike."



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