Friday, June 13, 2014

An update on the author's life

My parents are trying to mortgage me!

Surely this is even more difficult than when Christopher McCandless' parents tried to buy him a new car!

In January or February of 2013 my parents and sister (nuclear family) got together and decided to schedule her for Texas BS (back surgery) and to start planning to mortgage me.  In late December of 2013 my nuclear family told me about the back surgery, one month before it was to happen.  A couple of months ago, I learned of the mortgage deal plan.

I charge that my family conspired to commit hasty and secretive BS (back surgery) without my knowledge so that I could not mount a resistance (because I am hopefully on my way to being an alternative health care practitioner).  I also charge that they made a conspiracy to mortgage their son, and in this case I jokingly use mortgage as a verb...the etymology of the word mortgage is death-pledge.  This is not a pledge I want to be involved in.

"But, John!" you might protest.  "You're sick with migraines every day!  How can you possibly build with cob fast enough to be a homesteader and get your parents off your back?!"

My answer:  I think straw light clay is a better building option in this case.  It is much faster to build, and is highly insulative.


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