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A comment I left on Kimberly Hartke's website

I've gotten a lot less New-Agey lately and I think my website does not reflect this.

Yesterday, I left a comment on Kimberly Hartke's homemade pickle recipe webpage - this page:


I've pasted the comment below. 

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I had given away my last copy of Nourishing Traditions to someone who needed it worse than I did, and so I went to Hartkeisonline this summer and followed this recipe, but my pickles tasted horrible. ha
I think it is because I did not skim the foam that rose to the top while they were fermenting. That simple act of skimming the foam makes such a big difference in the flavor of homemade stocks and soups, pickles, and more. Also, it reminds me of what Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt says about American stickframe houses (as opposed to European brick structures which can breathe) – that they are the perfect mold-growing chambers, especially in today’s electrosmog environment with cell phone towers, smart meters, wireless internet, cordless phones and cell phones everywhere.
Kosher dills are my favorite lactofermented vegetable and the mildest on my headaches – sauerkraut produces a strong histamine response and makes my daily migraines more severe (I began having them after I injured myself with the 2009 swine flu vaccine). Needless to say, I’ve been buying a lot of Bubbies pickles – enough to keep them in business – and so “what to do with all of the pickle juice” has been on my mind for a long time…
First of all, my answer may depend somewhat on the water they are pickled in!
I tend to believe that Charles Mayo was right when he said that “water hardness is the cause of much human disease” and I also think that Alexander Graham Bell’s take on distilled water is worth reading:
The reason I mention water hardness is because I think it can lead to diseases of pathological calcification of the soft tissues such as arthritis, kidney stones, coronary artery calcification and several more diseases.
So if you’re reading this and you’ve been buying Bubbies pickles like I have, I don’t recommend consuming large amounts of the juice. I’ve done it myself when I ran out of pickles, for that enzyme kick. And it is true that Sally Fallon says in Nourishing Traditions that lactofermented pickles can dissolve uric acid deposits and reverse gout! And we all know that arthritis can be cured by eating a lot of lactofermented vegetables, but if you are eating Bubbies pickles or have very hard water or an Artesian well, I would recommend consuming the pickle juice only in small amounts or in times of scarcity/if you run out of pickles.
“What else can you use it for, John?” you might ask.
Well, since I’ve been purchasing the Bubbies pickles lately, I’ve been saving the pickle juice and using it to soak lentils and reduce their antinutrient content.
Natasha Campbell-McBride, Russian neurologist and creator of the GAPS diet, says that lentils are the hardest legumes to digest. So if you have any serious bowel disorder or leaky gut, even the presoaking method I am describing may not work for you, and the GAPS diet itself might be indicated for your condition.
But I’ve been buying a superhuman amount of chicken feet from my friendly local egg ranchers, and I like to make curried lentil soup, and I really believe (no research papers to back this up) that the juice from Kosher dills makes the best lentil soaking medium. I know Sally Fallon recommends a few tablespoons of raw liquid whey or lemon juice or other enzyme-rich acidic medium in warm water to presoak foods like oatmeal, but I think lentils might do better with a little more time and a lot more acid, so I soak mine in undiluted pickle juice for days or weeks before cooking the lentils is chicken broth, blending with a hand blender, and making soups.
Speaking of hand blenders, I recommend that anyone buying a new hand blender disable the surveillance technology with a very strong (i.e. neodymium) magnet. For under one dollar, all new electric devices (rice cookers, washers/dryers, dishwashers, and yes, even Vitamix BLENDERS-NOT-JUICERS) include a microphone which has an Android operating system (like the O.S. used on some of today’s “smart”phones) and transmits wirelessly back to your smartmeter, the surveillance hub of your apartment/house. Before the sex scandal (“adults don’t care about violence when there are sex things to worry about” – South Park) former CIA head Petraeus (pronounced betray-US) bragged in Wired magazine: “We’ll spy on you through your dishwasher”.
For more information, my article “There’s an Android in your dishwasher!” is here:
However, I have to caution anyone reading this: my website doesn’t adequately represent the way that my ideas have changed in the last year. I went through a long “New-Agey” phase and now have come to feel that Christianity is probably the right way to go. “Why the big change, John?” you might ask. Well, partly because I’ve realized that the New World Order is probably Satanic, and that psychic abilities are also (just look at the fruits of anyone claiming to have an “open Third Eye”) and so I don’t want to have “an open Third Eye” myself, as I thought I used to want. Another reason is that I saw the documentary “Back to Eden” (go to vimeo.com for a full screen view of the film) and Paul Gautschi became my favorite Christian. His interpretation of Genesis, especially, made me realize that tilling the soil is foolish/sinful/missing the mark, and so I’ve started my own Back to Eden garden this winter!
Apologies to Kimberly for my “past and hateful transgressions” in my first podcast (MockPod with Kimberly).
When Paul Gautschi quoted from Galatians 6:7, it hit me right in the chest and I knew that even after making my MockPod, I cannot mock God, and that I have to grow my own food this year (because if I don’t sew anything, I might not reap anything):
“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”
You might be reading this, thinking that I could just go to the grocery store, but I know that it doesn’t matter how much money you have, if you’re not homesteading you might not make it. As a Beaver, I would summarize this way: I may be eating the apples of Liberty today, but if I don’t have food freedom I’m going to end up a dead duck.
I’d like to add another thought, however strange it may seem to you.
I believe that Hollywood is controlled by the Illuminati/controlled by those loyal to the New World Order, and that they anticipated my news career years in advance and have made three movies about my life. “Which ones, John?” you might ask. “The ones about Ron Burgundy,” I would answer. You might be skeptical of this, and if you are, I suggest you educate yourself by carefully reviewing Anchorman (2004), Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie (2004), and also Anchorman 2, which came out in 2013 and I have not seen yet.
You might be even more surprised at my confidence that I am the real Ron Burgundy given that I haven’t seen Anchorman 2 yet…well, to this I would reply, “Have you listened to Minstrel in the Gallery, Thick as a Brick (full album), and Baker Street Muse by Jethro Tull, and have you listened to Canary in a Coalmine by The Police and read my article Canary in a Coalmine 101? Have you even seen the film Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie (2004) or are you just like all the other ‘automatic skeptics’ I’ve encountered so far: acting out of reflex, with no specific criticism?”
I think of Minstrel in the Gallery as being about Alex Jones, today’s king of alternative media. “newspaper warriors” (lyrics from Baker Street Muse) is a reference to InfoWars.com
I think of Canary in a Coalmine, Baker Street Muse, and Thick as a Brick as being about myself.
“So you ride yourselves over the fields/And you make all your animal deals/And your wise men don’t know how it feels/To be thick as a brick”
“And the sandcastle virtues are all swept away/The tidal destruction, the moral melee”
“The builder of the castles renews the age-old purpose and contemplates the milking girl whose offer is his need”
“Indian restaurants that curry my brain/Newspaper warriors changing the names/They advertise from the station stands/Circumcised with cold print hands”
P.S. You might also like Ianto Evans’ books!


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