Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Do you like Johnny Cash sound-alikes?  Marijuana? 

Listen here.


Marijuana, you're the Devil in disguise
You promise things no man can realize
On flights of make-believe you send the mind
You're a one-way trip to a world of another kind

Your petals may be found across our land
And I reckon you're mean enough to grow in sand
In a backyard garden or a high-rise window box
You're there in the country or among the city's blocks

Marijuana, you're the father of the lie
And sometimes I'm made to wonder why
That folks are deceived by your flowers
And held the prisoners of your mystic powers

Marijuana, your leaves could tell a tale that would chill
But you won't talk and I guess you never will
For it's silently you prey upon the youth
As they search for love, and peace and truth

Marijuana, may your name pass from the scene
And may the world forget you'd ever been
And if folks should wonder how you fell
We'll say the Devil planted you in Hell.


Ah, get with the New World Order, man!  There's no more pot on the Earth anymore.  The government destroyed it all, man, in order to protect the oil companies!

Yeah, why?

Because, marijuana seeds can be made into a fuel more efficient than gasoline!  And the government doesn't like that.  And, who controls the government?

The oil companies!

Exactly!  And who controls the oil companies?

I don't know!


If you want to watch the complete comedy sketch,


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