Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Life to America! Bring back butter sauce!

Seth McFarlane (I like to call him "Bast") isn't the only one who can do a "Rock Lobster" parody.

For years he has demonized a safe and nutritious breakfast by serving it to a fat moron every single morning for breakfast in his popular cartoon.  Of course, bacon is the most nutritious of pork products and will never make you fat, and pasture-raised egg yolks are extraordinary brain food.  If you want to be slim and smart - the opposite of Petarded - then bacon and eggs is probably a pretty good breakfast for you.

Indeed, McFarlane's extremely successful show contains plenty of subtle and not-so-subtle programming intended to influence the unconscious consumer.  He touches on political movements like the tea party and issues such as gun control in such a way that cause the viewer to laugh their way into McFarlane's own camp without the slightest independent thought, effort or self-awareness.

In four lines, McFarlane's song "Iraq Lobster" sums up his nutritional agenda and plain New World Order sympathies:

Death to America
And butter sauce
Don't boil me
I'm still alive

Iraq Lobster!

Watch here.

Of course, grass-fed butter is the healthiest fat.

McFarlane even plays on the heart strings of his listeners, saying, "Don't boil me/I'm still alive"

It is not necessary to boil lobsters alive.  You can kill them first, and I strongly recommend it because it is more humane.

McFarlane wants the death of America, and he wants the death of the knowledge of healthy traditional fats like bacon, egg yolks, and butter.  Few artists have done more to demonize animal foods than McFarlane. (Actually, The Kids in the Hall and South Park have done a lot but that is a subject for another article...)

Long live national sovereignty!

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