Friday, May 3, 2013

Barack Mobster!

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"Rock Lobster" - The B-52's

"Who knows where I'll be this time tomorrow night, Laura?  I could be helpin' out a town in trouble - I could be in Chicago, eatin' bacon and eggs with gangsters."*


This is your breakfast in Chicago with gangsters.**

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"Where are the ballots?"

Barack Mobster!!!  Down, down...


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Mock Podcast!


**Don't be afraid of bacon and eggs - even The Telegraph now reluctantly admits the meal is brain-food -

Of course, pork brains and eggs is an even better brain-food meal:

apple keeps  => eggs keep

"Three eggs a day keep the doctor away" - Chris Kresser

And if you want to keep ahead of the most recent anti-egg propaganda, see also:

"Choline and TMOA: Eggs Still Don't Cause Heart Disease" - Chris Kresser

"Egg yolks are a sacred food in China.  A woman who is pregnant and nursing in China, if she can afford it, eats up to ten eggs a day.  They are considered a brain food, and she eats ten eggs a day to make sure that her child will be intelligent."  
- Sally Fallon

(Joel Wallach recommends a similar diet for therapeutic purposes in the short term for recovering Alzheimer's patients - one dozen pasture-raised egg yolks per day)

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