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What to do if you suspect your father might be a Satanist

"I don't get headaches - I GIVE headaches."

- Darth Patron

I suspect my father may be a Satanist because of his liberal use of the "Hook 'em Horns" hand sign.

 People only believe the Wikipedia version of events, so read the following articles:

"Hook 'em Horns" = "Sign of the Horns"

Note: I don't think it is actually very likely that he is a practicing Satanist - I consider it more likely that he is just an unwitting UT fan/lover of the State of Texas.  That being said, there are subtle signs that point towards possible involvement in secret societies, and I cannot trust this person any longer.


On the morning of Saturday, February 2nd, I called my father on the telephone with the distinct purpose of asking him if he was a Satanist.  He said hello and told me he was enjoying walking the dog on a Sunday morning.  I knew it was a Saturday morning, so I thought this was exceptionally peculiar.  My roommate later suggested to me that he had answered thusly, and had said it was a Sunday, because he was actually in Australia (the time difference).  This reminded me of Rupert Murdoch, since I had previously said that R.M. was probably in Australia drinking babies' blood when he stumbled on Gotye and decided to make a new star.

[see post "OncoMemes"]

Later in the conversation, I popped the question and asked him if he was a Satanist and explained why I was suspicious.  He did not give any sort of straight answer at all.  He did not say, "Yes."  He did not say, "No," which would have been unconvincing, since Satanists have no trouble lying - they only have trouble getting away with their lies...

Instead of answering directly, he scoffed that he could be an alien and said that he was "a snake in that chair".  I stood up from my own chair and asked which chair he was talking about and what he meant by that.  He said that he was looking at a chair where he was but did not explain what he meant when he said that he was an alien and a snake in the chair.

All this snake and alien talk reminds me very much of my evil twin Kenan G. Heppe's story of being a reptilian shapeshifter being from another planet.  (It also fits with David Icke's model of the universe)

[see post "KGH, my evil twin"]

I think the ET reptilian shapeshifter story is very likely a device that people on the inside of secret societies like the Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Illuminati, Alchemists, etc. use to manipulate and confuse/deceive their victims/muggles. 

But I think the reptilian shapeshifter story may in some senses be an analog for the truth.  A "reptile being from another planet" is similar to "the Kundalini 'serpent'" from another chakra (each chakra is like a planet unto itself that receives Light from the Sun (Sol)).  

Later in our conversation, my father also declared that ALL of my conspiracy theories were one big delusion.

Since I know that at least some of my conspiracy theorizing is based on fact, I have lost ALL trust for this person.

Others make liberal use of this hand sign also, including the Windsor-Bush family.  But it's actually a Satanic gesture, not just "[Happy] Go [Lucky] Longhorns!"  No joke!

Pretty sneaky...
("Hook 'Em" approximately equals "Fuck 'Em")

"Fuck the muggles," that is.  (George Bush's motto?)

It's too bad we don't have a picture of him with the Satanic gesture in one hand and the middle finger in the other...

   That looks innocent...


Other Berlusconi gestures... 


 [these pictures of Berlusconi doing strange hand symbols come from this article:]

 Yet another version of the Satanic gesture:

Walter Cronkite, the "most trusted man in America" was the voice for Moloch the Babylonian owl god at Bohemian Grove.

"most trusted man in America"

To learn more about the strange mystery-religion rituals of the elites, and for more information about Bohemian Grove,


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