Saturday, February 16, 2013

Time for a name change?

This Blogspot (AKA Blogger) blog is in great danger of being deleted by the cloud computing masters, internet kill switch, or "cyber-9/11," so there can be no doubt that it is time to transfer to a new platform.  If any of you readers have suggestions for what host to move to, I'd love to hear them.  (leave a comment below)

However, I think it might be time for a name change as well.  I think I'll change it to "Lonely Light Blog."  Why?  Because I'm pretty sure I'm the only one here.  Love is fake because people are fake - they're essentially robots playing out their programming.  People respond to me in EXACTLY the way I expect them to, and in no other way.  It's getting really, really boring.  I only have me.  I'm the only one here, and everyone else is just a boring-ass character in my dream.  (The point of lucid dreaming is, of course, to come to this realization in waking life.)  If I ever find another sovereign soul on this planet, I'll let you know.  In an ultimate sense, I think we are all sovereign souls and have a choice to make in every moment.  But I'm speaking here of functional sovereignty.  Andrew Norton Webber talked about this problem in this presentation:

"First Ever UK Distilled Waters Conference, Clapham, South London, 20/10/2012" - Andrew Norton Webber 

Another way of looking at it:

" is not necessary to have a thorough understanding of a subject in order to be able to form one's own judgment - although the exact opposite is always being claimed."

"Most scientists are trained to become willing partners of business and the technocracy.  They think far too little about whether their work upholds responsibility toward biological life and toward the future...These scientists mistake their frog-in-the-well outlook for a valid worldview.  Specialists are needed whose vision is not narrowed by specialized knowledge and dependency relations, and who are capable of providing the basis of expertise for interdisciplinary thinking within the framework of ecological consciousness."

     - Ralph Graeub, The Petkau Effect: The Devastating Effect of Nuclear Radiation on Human Health and the Environment


"The human spirit is incredibly powerful, and anybody that says we're powerless against this and we can't do anything [frog-in-the-well outlook] - that's a lie from the Pit of Hell, and that's what the establishment wants us to think."

      - Michael Murphy


ROGER:  "This isn't about you and me.  I think that given enough time you could revitalize this tired organization - lead us all boldly into a new era."

BEN:  "I didn't know you felt that way.  In fact, there were even times when I felt ignored."

ROGER:  "Never ignored - never.  But there are men - powerful men - who have watched you with jealous, fearful eyes.  They would have me cast you into the wilderness - a lonely light wandering in a dark world."

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"Documentary" - Kids In The Hall

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[see post "Chemtrail music!"].

"...jealous, fearful eyes."

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You are not alone in this world, likkle freund of mine. You are not the only sovereign brain out there, or at least this brain thinks so. Maybe I simply imagine my own consciousness; this brain thinks me, thusly do I unfold to thee; Methinks, QED me am.

Then again, as some genteel folks much bolder than myself might venture to say, "fuck Descartes!" I think they must be bitter lemons to whisper such dreary utterances 'twixt my earholes on the gentle upswells of soft, swarthy evening-tides, whilst these eager, still-quivering earlobes of mine long yet for some much sweeter songbird's tune.

Maybe they are on to something, though. Maybe Descartes had it wrong, and who we are is who-we-are not as a result of independent, isolated, sterile thought processes but rather due to a shared connection linking us to a greater source of shared conscious power, slogan: "Uniting all unique brain-spaces under one vast unibrain incorporating myriad joys and disguises!" Terrible slogan. Really need to fire/re-hire/re-fire the marketing team, uni-consciousness brain being.

Just because I think doesn't mean I exist. Thinking for one's own tiny indivigitable self might be enough to prove Descartes' own existence unto his own brain, satiating his own peculiar level of intellectual empiricism, but it does not get one any further in proving that anything else out in the world -- or anyone else, for that matter -- is any realer than one might have thought before. If your grand theory of establishing absolute existence only proves that you yourself exist alone unto yourself, well shit bud, sit down and pull up a seat. That is not gonna get your very far in your life, nor in quantum theoretical mechanics 401.

That leaves us back where we started. As far as this brain goes, my personal proof of existence is, "I feel pain, therefore I exist". I see other people feel pain, and I figure they must be real too. That which causes pain must be real, as well, which lets me care about all the little creatures in the forest and the leaves of the trees in addition to other more shiny forms of sentient life that generally grab my notice first.

I am sorry that you are in pain, sweet canary friend of mine. Since you are in pain, I know that you must be real. All I can offer you are my words to assure that I am in pain as well. If that is not good enough to prove my existence to you, then I do not know what will.

Anonymous said...

But nowadays what is the "I"?

One of the greatest threats to humanity:

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