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Separating fact from fiction on skate liver oil

[under construction...fact and fiction haven't been completely separated yet...fermenting...fermenting...]


COD liver oil is a very healthy food and everyone should consider adding it to their routine, *especially if they aren't eating about 3 ounces of liver once or twice a week in addition to their Paleo 2.0/Paleo Template lifestyle.

There are some people that think cod liver oil is not safe (i.e. Dr. Mercola).

In fact, in a noble effort to address some of the concerns and especially the entirely false claims made by opponents of cod liver oil (disinformation is not quite as rare as one might think...), Sally Fallon of Weston A. Price Foundation wrote this piece:

"A Response to Dr. Joe Mercola on Cod Liver Oil" - Sally Fallon, WAPF.

I think this was a very important (even a landmark) piece for her to write, since Dr. Mercola is very popular and has a wide influence and a large audience.

For more of Sally, and for information about soy prisons, [see post "The soy conspiracy"].

It is sad that Dr. Mercola chooses to write against CLO.  

Andrew Norton Webber says that Dr. Mercola is an angel of death and a servant of the UN/NWO/WHO.  As strange as it may sound, I tend to agree, since Mercola writes not only against cod liver oil, one of the healthiest traditional foods ever ever, but he also writes against distilled water.  The distilled waters are the secret of Alchemy.  [see post "Water Of Love"]  And you know what they say:

"If you want to fire up your Mer-Ka-Ba, don't listen to Mercola."

(Well, I don't think 'they' say that yet, but they will...)

Mer-Ka-Ba: "light-spirit-body"

Recommended article:

"Separating fact from fiction on cod liver oil" - Chris Kresser


Also see these excellent fish articles by Chris Kresser:

"The fish vs. fish oil smackdown"

"Is eating fish safe?  A lot safer than not eating fish!"

Whew...after that cod liver oil tangent, we can move on to the subject of this article:

Skate liver oil!

I want to be very clear that I am not certain that I can actually recommend taking skate liver oil, because of the possibility of bottom-feeder toxicity issues.  This possibility was brought to my attention by a naturopath friend, M.G.

But if I were going to try taking skate liver oil, I think it would very likely be Green Pasture brand.

Read about Green Pasture's Blue Ice skate liver oil product here:

 (For a larger view of this label, CTRL+click on each picture to open in a new tab, then press "CTRL+" to zoom in.  Alternatively, see a larger version of this label right here.)

David Wilcock seems to be a big fan of skate liver oil.

Check out this video:
"Fermented Skate Liver Oil - "Best Antioxidant known to Man"" - David Wilcock

Claiming that it only takes a little drop of the oil per day "on a piece on bread" to prevent dental caries is bold!

(Of course, because of Paleo 2.0/Paleo Template, I don't recommend eating bread, but let's look more into that drop of oil!)

He did not mention in the video whether he had ever taken the oil, or whether it was useful to him as a "psychic supplement" as he claimed.  He does seem to have good science backing him up, so I don't want to suggest that he is a snake-oil salesman (he's a skate oil salesman, haha).  But I am curious as to whether it worked for him.  On the other hand, it may not be something that he necessarily needs to open up his psychic faculties.  If he is already "opened up," so to speak, by other methods and/or for other reasons, then maybe skate liver oil wouldn't have an effect on his pineal gland.  Vitamin K2 influences Ca metabolism and would help to decalcify this gland, but if David Wilcock's pineal gland is already clear then maybe it wouldn't be worth it for him to take it as a "psychic supplement".  (However, it might still be worth taking for all of the other health benefits)

I also recommend a clip of David Wilcock talking about the pineal gland entitled "Health Consequences of Pineal Gland Calcification," and the full presentation that it comes from.

[see post "The pineal gland - "the pivotal mover of MS""]


UPDATE 6/1/2013:

I haven't learned much more about skate liver oil lately, but I have seen it recommended twice:

Chris Kresser has been recommending skate liver oil without releasing any disclaimer about toxicity issues.  Sarah Pope, chapter leader of the Weston A. Price Foundation and Healthy Home Economist, also recommends it.

In light of the fact that these two people recommend it, I would tentatively say that it is worth a try if you are an adult.  I might not give skate liver oil to a young infant, though, just in case there is something floating around in it.  Better stick with the CLO.

However, be warned that Kresser, Pope et al are not conspiracy theorists, so they may not be aware of the extent to which malice is organized in this world.


*My source for this recommendation is none other than Chris Kresser, The Health Detective [see RHR show "Could Zinc-Copper Imbalance be making you sick?" at my article "Canaries in the Kitchen: Teflon Toxicosis"]


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