Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dr. Joseph Mercola, Angel of Death

Who is in control of your health?

Joseph Mercola, D.O., known for running mercola.com, which Wikipedia calls a "high-profile alternative medicine website," is actually an agent of the UN/NWO/WHO.

     pronounced "uhn - nWHOA - hoo"
              (sounds almost like a Native American word)

The UN/NWO/WHO are people who have UNlearned the kNWOing of WHO they are.

For evidence of Mercola's loyalty to the UN/NWO/WHO, please refer to the following:

1)  Mercola publishes disinformation against cod liver oil.

 [see post "Separating fact from fiction on skate liver oil"]

The first and most popular video that comes up when you do a Google video search or YouTube search for "cod liver oil" is Dr. Mercola's disinfo video, available here:

(Of course, the real answer is "yes," cod liver oil is an excellent and safe way to get vitamin D.  Don't listen to Mercola.  Cod liver oil has the perfect ratio of the three fat-soluble vitamins that are hard to get from other sources and must be taken together for best results: A, D, and K2.  Vitamin E also works with these three.  Taking cod liver oil is one of the very most important things you can do to promote good dental health.)

2)  Mercola publishes disinformation against distilled water.

[see post "Water Of Love"]

If you want a prediction from The Calm Canary, it is this: I will very likely soon discover another precious fluid that Mercola has conspired to write a disinformation article against.

"Why would you say such a thing, THCalm Canary?" you might ask.  "That sounds like a vape-dream - almost like something out of Dr. Strangelove.  You might not be smoking cigars, but you're one toke over the line, mister!"

CTRL+click to listen in a new tab!
"One Toke Over The Line" - Brewer & Shipley

Answer from Darth Vapor/THCalm Canary:

Well, because it's all in the name: "Mer-cola" - it's sort of like Mer-Ka-Ba.  'Mer' means light.  LIGHT-cola.  What a cute fake name.  Am I suggesting that Dr. Mercola's last name is fake?  Possibly, yes.  But I think urine itself is best known as "Mer-cola": Light-cola.  (Sometimes it's frothy,  sort of like a soda pop).  Distilled water is a Light-cola in the sense that it can help to decalcify the pineal gland and help you to see the light that is your own soul.  DOCTOR "Mer-cola" EXISTS solely for the purpose of preventing the public from attaining the simple yet profound knowledge that distilled liquids are the secret of Alchemy!  Cod liver oil helps, too, since it has vitamin K2 and also vits. A and D (which all work together).  Vitamin K2 may be useful for regulating Ca and Mg metabolism (like boron) and key for dental health and bone health.  K2 can decalcify a stony pineal gland.  Fluoride calcifies the pineal gland, forming corpora arenacea - "brain sand".

As I said in the last post,

"If you want to fire up your Mer-Ka-Ba, don't listen to Mercola."

But there is also a dental health connection to be made here.  The UN/NWO/WHO seem to have an interest in keeping our teeth very unhealthy.  They encourage water fluoridation, which does not prevent cavities but does produce dental fluorosis and a host of subtler ailments,  they discourage drinking distilled water, and they produce disinformation literature designed to suppress the knowledge of healthy foods such as cod liver oilSupplementing with cod liver oil is one of the very best things a person can do for their dental health!  

If I had to guess, I'd say that the UN/NWO/WHO would very likely be interested in suppressing knowledge of other distilled liquids, as well.  

The distilled liquids are:

Precipitation (rain, mist, snow, dew, and fog), machine-made distilled water, vegetable and fruit juices, urine, blood, and raw milk.  

Perhaps this will explain certain practices of the elites (i.e. vampirism, brutally suppressing raw milk and forcing most of the population to drink pasteurized, corn-fed, hormone- and antibiotic-laden, nutritionally bankrupt skim milk which actually has a demineralizing effect on bone.)  

For more about the suppression of raw milk, and for pictures of the ceremony honoring the Queen Mother's milkman,


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Anonymous said...

something I never trusted about Mercola. His info is usually right, but his spirit is ill at ease (and puts me ill at ease).