Saturday, January 12, 2013

Canaries in the Kitchen: Teflon Toxicosis

"Teflon kills birds" - Environmental Working Group

"The Best (and Worst) Cookware Materials" - Chris Kresser

Also, please listen to this excellent Revolution Health Radio show with Chris Kresser called "Could Zinc-Copper Imbalance be making you sick?":

     I recommend you listen to this multiple times - there is a lot of good material here.


Maybe those non-stick frying pans aren't such a great idea after all.

Apparently birds are more sensitive to inhaling teflon vapors than are humans.  So they are our 'canaries in the coalmine' in the realm of teflon exposure. 

This makes sense to THCalm Canary, since trees are more sensitive to exposure to low-dose radiation than humans are (they breathe so much more air).  They are our 'radiation canaries'.

[see post "The Fuku-fuck: From the Petkau Effect to Children Of Men"]

By the way, horses, along with dogs and other pets, seem to be more sensitive to fluoride exposure than humans.  They are our 'fluoride canaries'.

[see post ""Poisoned Horses" - a chronic fluoride poisoning documentary"]

Certain individuals (call us 'aluminum canaries') may be more sensitive/sensitized than others to microglial activation/neuroinflammation caused by inhalation of nanoscale alumina particles.  Some folks get the sneezes or 'allergies' on a heavy chemtrail spray day - my head usually hurts worse than average on a heavy spray day.

     First to fall over when the atmosphere is less than perfect

[see post ""Canary in a Coalmine" 101"]


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