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Oncogenes are genes known to "cause" cancer.  Oncomemes are ideas, thoughts, feelings, videos, music, writing, or other malignant vehicles that lead to degradation of human psyche, relationships or culture.

Many of you may be familiar with "Somebody That I Used To Know" by Gotye.  I contend that this song and music video contains oncomemes designed to degrade human relationships!  If you aren't familiar, you can watch the video here:

(be sure to have your innate B.S. Detector booted up before you watch this; it requires discernment)

Bill Lamb of gave the song the perfect rating of five stars, stating,  

"Pop perfection does not come along often, but Gotye's 'Somebody That I Used to Know' is flawless".

Talking about the overwhelming reception and the amount of coverage received, Gotye commented that,  

"I don't really feel like it [the song] belongs to me anymore."

While I agree that it is very catchy - even "pop perfection" - I don't necessarily think that is a good thing.  It is also now one of the most popular songs ever, but I don't think that's a good thing, either.  I think the song contains "oncomemes" designed and inserted to degrade human relationships in those that listen unconsciously and do not recognize this treachery.  I think that Gotye and Kimbra act like egotistical narcissists in the song, singing things like, "you didn't have to cut me off" "you didn't have to stoop so low" "you screwed me over".  Boo-hoo!  Come on people, use your inner BS detectors, listen to your guts and be discerning!  The level of evolution of the inner marriage and the level of evolution of a romantic relationship go hand in hand, and this song is designed to spread like a virus and prevent the evolution of consciousness and relationships beyond petty egoic narcissism.  I'm surprised the video didn't have any lyrics about "how you hurt my pride" or some other nonsense.

Three people in my "soul group" - the ones that feel weirdest about talking to me/seem to be most afraid of speaking with me directly and some of the most spiritually inclined people in my circle of friends - recommended the song within a span of two weeks.  Kenan sent an email to me back then saying that the music video reminded him of me, and at the same time that he sent the email, he sent me a text message saying, "Hey, I sent you an email with a music video.  You may wish to shout the chorus someday."  (this is paraphrased, not exact...Kenan, if you remember the exact wording feel free to correct me in a comment below)  I thought this was peculiar.  But I later decided that Kenan was planting something malicious when he sent that video - it was almost like he was trying to speak spells over me.

After all, he is the only guy I know who says he doesn't take song recommendations from anyone, ever.

Fortunately, I was sensitive enough to notice the deceptive nature of the song relatively quickly, so I think within a few days I texted Kenan back: "Rupert Murdoch was probably busy drinking babies' blood in the Outback when he stumbled upon Gotye and decided to make a new star."  You don't have to take that literally, but you could.

Update 3/31/2013:  At the time that I sent that message, I didn't realize that Murdoch actually lives in Australia, and possibly was drinking babies' blood, since this is apparently a common practice amongst the elite.  Why would I make the sweeping allegation that many elites drink blood?  Because distilled waters are the secret of Alchemy, and blood is one of the distilled waters.  This explains such stories as vampire legends.  But blood is not only drunk by people in this secret society, no.  You thought they took it far enough by drinking blood but they've already taken it to the next level - blood baths.  Gross.  See Alchemy: The Medieval Alchemists and their Royal Art by Johannes Fabricius for old illustrations of children being killed and their blood being drained into buckets so that 'Sol' and 'Luna' - a man and woman with a sun and a moon for their heads, respectively - can bathe in a well full of this blood.  I suppose the blood of children is cleaner than that of adults, having not built up a lot of toxicity.  But there is also an energetic reason for using the blood of children - the same reason why children are used for Satanic ritual abuse through anal rape: the age is important.  David Icke has already talked about this at great length.  In their own way, Matt Stone and Trey Parker have explained it in South Park S10E01: "The Return of Chef," in which Chef has become one of the brainwashed child abusers who are members of the Super Adventure Club, which travels the world seeking exotic places to rape children.  The age is important (children vs. adult victims) because these "entities"* or perhaps the abusers themselves feed on the energy of children and think it will make them immortal, or some variation on that concept.

*(David Icke claims entities attached to the abuser feed on the energy of children)

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