Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Linus Pauling practiced urine therapy!

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Linus Pauling, who coined the term "orthomolecular medicine," was criticized by some for promoting vitamin C supplementation.  In my book, of course, this is inane - one might as well attack a doctor for giving their patients vitamin B12 shots (it would make as much sense).  

While the idea of drinking urine is unappealing to me, I recently learned that Linus Pauling used urine therapy to try to stop his cancer.  The guy who interprets my dreams has told me repeatedly that I am a lot like Linus Pauling, so learning this turned out to be a fascinating synchronicity.  Some people say that if Pauling had started UT earlier he could have cured himself.  Perhaps so.  

There is an inappropriate joke yet to be made here about his name being Linus...


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"Urine Therapy (You're in good health)"

"Linus Pauling used urine therapy..."

     (this video contains very little discussion on Linus Pauling's use of urine therapy, but is very interesting for other reasons)
"Friend of Linus Pauling" 


For more information about urine therapy, distilled liquids and Alchemy, see post ["Water Of Love"].


A fascinating video of Linus Pauling talking about vitamin C, collagen, heart disease and more may be found here:  

Unfortunately the video cuts out after some time and the audio is all that remains.  And even that is a small segment of the original clip, available on Veoh with the installed web player. 

I will try to find a source for the original full-length video that does not require installing a player.

Vitamin C may turn out to be especially critical for my own individual health because I have problems with my connective tissue - hypermobile joints - and problems with my blood vessels - daily migraines and some circulation problems (cold hands and feet).  Perhaps both are related to a collagen problem, and perhaps this can be improved by boosting my vit. C intake.


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