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Gandhi was Pro 2nd Amendment

Welcome to The Calm Canary Blog!  It's time to talk about gun control!

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"Canary in a Coalmine" - The Police

For an in-depth analysis of this song, [see post ""Canary in a Coalmine"101"].

"The guns going is the canary in the coalmine."

- Alex Jones


(typo: it should read: "...the Act of depriving a whole nation of arms...")

Is it possible to be anti-gun, yet very *well-armed 


And contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be pro-violence to be pro-gun.  Gandhi was pro-gun.  Peace-loving people (like Gandhi, like myself) who are at least vaguely acquainted with "history as we know it" tend to support the 2nd Amendment - not because it has anything to do with hunting, but because an armed citizenry is the best defense against a rogue, totalitarian government (which is precisely what we are facing).

If you think it would be better to let a rogue government take over entirely than to suffer the casualties that might happen as a result of raising a defense against it or overthrowing it, then you might support gun control.

But if you think that way, then I think you've been exposed to so much fluoride, mercury, and aluminum that you are unable to recognize tyranny when it is staring you in the face.  [see post "SynerTox," see post "The Tao of Eeyore (Ore-Eye)"]  If you think it would be better to sacrifice the last remaining vestiges of the Constitution for whatever number of human lives might be saved momentarily by confiscating guns, then I think you are like an abused child that can not even admit to itself that it is abused - and indeed that is how I would characterize the relationship between the people of the Earth and the shadow government that is consummating the New World Order.  The abused children of the Earth must wake up and realize that they are slaves now so that they can be freed immediately!

In my minds eye I see the children cowering in a corner, holding their knees to their chests, muttering,

"Is it okay for me to protect myself?  What will everyone think?  Is it okay to own a gun?  Is it okay to learn primitive skills/wilderness survival/tracking/nature observation?  Is that politically incorrect?"

Maybe you've forgotten how to get angry as a physiological reaction to tyranny.  Remember your original nature!  What is it?  (I'll give you a hint: the answer doesn't include hatefulness, fear, powerlessness, or unconsciousness...)

There are numerous philosophical arguments against gun ownership- "Live by the sword, ..." and so on.  Some might say it is a fearful practice to own a gun, or that it might invite trouble into your life by giving you bad karma or something like that.  But "Like attracts like," is one of my favorite quotes (Richard Bach) for this occasion.  Anti-gun folks might think that it is the perfect quote for their case - that guns will attract more guns - but this is a fallacy.  Blaming guns for violence is like blaming spoons for fat people.  And so I will take the Richard Bach quote, in this instance, to mean that like people will attract each other, and that the sort of people that arm themselves to the hilt with information and arm themselves a little bit with weapons as a reasonable, practical preventative measure will tend to attract like-minded and like-hearted people into their lives.  It was not until I realized that it actually is a rogue government we are facing that I became a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment.  So I hereby (sarcastically) "thank" the evil New World Order for presenting the vile external threat that was necessary for me to wake up to, learn about, and eventually come to resist, in order to shape up my way of thinking about gun control.  If our dark side is manifesting itself so plainly in other people - and if 'the cockroaches' think it is acceptable now to parade around in broad daylight - then we aren't embracing it fully. 

Back to the topic.  Again, the 2nd Amendment is not about hunting - it is about protecting a population from a rogue government - and so it does not make sense to restrict certain types of firearms with the stated goal of reducing violence.  I emphatically say "stated goal" because it seems more often the rule than the exception today that policies have actual goals that are quite different from the goals that are stated.  If we freeze the weapons technology of our militia at 1934 levels while the rogue government that they are resisting has nuclear weapons, Star Wars technology, the scourge that is the surveillance state, control of the water supply and what is added to it (!), control of the electrical grid, control of the weather, seed banks and underground bunkers, mind control technology and much more (your imagination is the only limit) at their disposal, then we are asking for history to repeat itself.  The people that are in power had no scruples about orchestrating 9/11, ..., ..., and I don't think they would have scruples about rounding us up, putting us in camps, and killing 80, 90, or even more than 99% of us and force-vaccinating the rest in order to create a new society that is to their liking.

For information about FEMA camps, please [see post ""The children are probably very happy""].

For information about compulsory vaccination, the anti-vaccine surveillance and alert system, behavior-modifying live virus vaccines and GMO banana vaccines, [see post ""Eat the banana or we have to put you down!""].

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"Gandhi was Pro 2nd Amendment" - David Knight of InfoWars

"Facebook Banning Gun Owners En Masse" - Alex Jones of InfoWars

"Well, you know, I've thought about it, and not one single one of these mass shootings has ever occurred where guns are allowed."

 - Suzanna Hupp, mass shooting survivor

(watch her interview with Alex Jones right here)


*Dianne Feinstein is a perfect example of this strange hybrid personality type (she's a well-armed gun grabber).  There must be a lot of conscious conflict in that head of hers.  It must be confusing to be a well-armed gun grabber.  I know I'm scratching my head - it's tingling like crazy!  If you think that it makes sense for the elites to be able to own guns while the rest of us lose our 2nd Amendment rights, I think you must be as fragmented as Dianne and just not realize it.  Criminals always have guns 
For more information about gun control, and for some great videos from Alex Jones, [see post "Alex Jones IS Admiral Ackbar"].

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