Sunday, November 25, 2012

"Poisoned Horses" - a chronic fluoride poisoning documentary

watch here:

After watching this video, I decided to start drinking only distilled water immediately (on 11/24/2012).  A friend is helping me make a homemade still, but even though it isn't finished I decided that I love myself enough to buy bottled distilled water in the meantime.

After watching this video, I also wondered whether or not horses and other pets might be more sensitive to fluoride than humans.  They could be our "canaries in the coalmine," so to speak.

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Interspecies differences in sensitivity to poisons are found elsewhere in nature.  Trees, which breathe much larger volumes of air than humans, seem to be much more sensitive to low-dose radiation (LDR).

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I find it extremely fascinating that water fluoridation, low-dose radiation, and the ingestion of soy products all cause so many of the same problems in the human organism: lowered IQ, impaired fertility, and impaired thyroid function.  The brain, thyroid, and reproductive system seem to be targets.

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Given that these three assaults (fluoride, LDR, soy) cause impairment of cognition, thyroid function, and fertility, I would hypothesize that all three also cause HPA axis dysregulation (HPAD).  It is known that fluoride causes HPAD.

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