Monday, November 26, 2012

Phyllis Mullenix fluoride presentation - IAOMT 2009

Dr. Phyllis Mullenix presents on the history of water fluoridation, her personal connection with Harold Hodge (yes, THE Harold Hodge...), and chronic fluoride poisoning.

watch here:

Much of her presentation has to do with fluoride's effect on G protein coupled receptors.

Dr. Mullenix's take on metals enhancing the effects of fluoride and Harold Hodge's foreknowledge of this effect were extremely interesting.  I was stunned when I learned that tetrahedral AlF4−   
can mimic a phosphate and lead to the formation of GDP*AlF4 complex instead of GTP.

Dr. Mullenix mentioned seeing men in their early twenties with very high total cholesterol due to chronic fluoride poisoning.  I wonder if I may be one of them - mine's around 333.  

[see Chris Kresser's video, "I Have High Cholesterol, and I Don't Care"

part 1:
part 2:]  

And, since I don't mean to give the impression that Chris Kresser is in any way flippant about cholesterol, or to suggest that he would recommend inaction to someone with very high total cholesterol, I'd like to include this:

Dr. Mullenix's discussion of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis dysregulation, or HPAD was fascinating.  Though I was aware of fluoride-induced thyroid problems, this is new information to me.  I'm certain that most people are unaware of the fluoride connection to HPAD.  Tell your friends!

The effects of fluoride, soy, and low-dose radiation (infertility, cognitive impairment, thyroid issues, HPAD(?)) are remarkably similar


[for more information about HPAD, listen to these podcasts by Chris Kresser:

from 10/31/2012:
from 11/14/2012:]  
I was blown away when I learned that solid sodium fluoride (a less common water fluoridation agent than silicofluorides like HFSA) is contaminated with aluminum, and that the HFSA imported from Mexico has so much arsenic in it!

Dr. Mullenix also makes the connection here between very low level fluoride exposure and migraines.  Hmm...(scratching head)...that sounds important. 

UPDATE 2/8/2013:

My TC is down to 260, what I consider to be a health level.  I wonder if it has something to do with drinking distilled water since 11/24/2012 and practicing urine therapy since 1/9/2013.


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