Tuesday, October 16, 2012

69/Chemtrail music video!

Chemtrail music video!

Korean reggae star Skull has released a groovy song about chemtrails - "Cry Die".  It's not at all dark or depressing as the title and artist name might imply.  It was featured in the credit roll of the documentary "Why in the World Are They Spraying?".  If you haven't seen this film,

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CTRL+click to play music video in a new tab:


CRTL+click here for lyrics:


For 'trademark chemtrails' - examples of the chemtrail normalization campaign,

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Best to start at the beginning - with "69".

UPDATE 3/5/2014:  I think Skull, the creator of the chemtrail music video "Cry Die" works for the Illuminati, as evidenced by the pyramid symbol on his shirt, and the destructive sound of his music (oncomemes) and the ambiguous sound of his lyrics.

Ex: When Skull sings "I look up ta da sky," it really sounds like he is singing, "I work for the Dark Side."


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