Friday, July 6, 2012

Danglin' babies/The Tao of Michael Jackson

Why did Michael Jackson dangle Blanket?

The answer seems so obvious to me now!

He was simply trying to make his child immortal. M.J. was a bit ambitious, perhaps, but he was certainly well-intentioned. 

Remember when Thetis held her baby Achilles by the heel over the river Styx to make him immortal?

"Let's go for a dip, babe!"

This is a variation on a common theme.

But I interpret Michael Jackson's stunt not as a tribute to Thetis, but as a tribute to Isis, who became fond of Queen Astarte's baby, Dictys, and held him by the heel over the fireplace to make him immortal.  (A throng is more like fire than water.)  He was holding Blanket's feet "over the fire," so to speak.

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In all three cases the baby was not Enlightened by this tempering what is the moral of the story?

Breathe into your own heels!  Nobody can do it for you!

"In Chinese Taoism it is stated right out in the open that you can only become an 'Immortal' if you clean your intestines and open up the channels to the bottom of the feet, just as we have represented in the Egyptian story [Isis and Dictys].  Taoism also says that the 'true man,' the healthiest man, breathes with his heels while ordinary men breathe with their mouths, once again referencing this very same accomplishment of opening the heel channels.  For instance, Chuang Tzu said, 'The men of old breathed clear down into their heels,' but ordinary people don't understand the meaning of this because they never achieve the cultivation stage of opening the channels into the feet."   

- William Bodri, The Little Book of Hercules

"The men of old breathed clear down into their heels."

Is Luke a man of old?

Those heels look COLD!  Who would want to breathe into those?!

Could the lightsaber which Luke uses to free himself be an analog for the central channel/sushumna?  Perhaps that is a reach.

If you are as unfamiliar as I was with the (spiritual) practice of breathing "clear down to [your] heels," I recommend MBSR Body Scan (Track 1 on this CD) by Jon Kabat-Zinn!


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