Friday, July 27, 2012

Chemtrail music!

Hi folks!  My upcoming chemtrail documentary (chemdoc) will be known as "CCR - Credible Clear-air Revolution!"  My plan is to fly a drone, balloon, or rocket directly into a local Corvallis chemtrail to scoop up a sample that might be chemically analyzed with the aid of OSU chem department!

Music I plan to include:

"Lookin' Out My Back Door" - CCR

"Mr. Sandman" - Chet Atkins

     [the Sandman is a figure known for sprinkling sand in the eyes of children - so who is the sandman responsible for the alumina in our air?]

Could it be him?


Or this guy?

     [note that alpha-alumina is hard, inert corundum (sandpaper), while what is being sprayed might be in other, less-stable forms]

[ex: gamma-alumina is hygroscopic and might well be a useful material for cloud seeding]

 [special thanks to Chocoeyes for the picture!]

"Who'll Stop The Rain?" - CCR

Evergreen Air, that's who!

"Rainbow Blues" - Jethro Tull

"Shh, It's A Military Secret" - Glenn Miller And His Orchestra

UPDATE 2/26/2013:

I just noticed that link is now broken (they don't want you to hear THAT Glenn Miller song!!!), and I know most of you wouldn't pursue a broken link any further, and find that a YouTube version is easily accessible.  Unfortunately, the most popular YouTube version has a short segment near the end that is cut out.  Here is a working link that should play the whole song:

"Shh, It's A Military Secret" - Glenn Miller And His Orchestra (1942)

"Wake Up" - Arcade Fire

"Another One Bites The Dust" - Queen

Credit roll:

"James Cameron's Theme" from South Park S16E09: "Raising The Bar"

"Jackin' It In San Diego" from South Park S16E05: "Butterballs"

"John Henry" - Chet Atkins


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