Sunday, June 10, 2012

Secret global chemotherapy

"Solar engineering is like chemotherapy.  No one wants it.  But we all want the ability to do chemo and to understand its risks should we find ourselves with dangerous cancer."

- David Keith

[If you aren't yet a chemotherapy skeptic, check out "MariNoia, Vol. III:  Phoenix Tears"]

If I secretly peed into the mouth of a sleeping, unsuspecting eight-year-old boy each night and called it secret urine therapy, would you say that my actions could be justified by the War on Cancer?

And what if I were to secretly administer chemotherapy drugs instead, would that be justified?

What about SECRET GLOBAL CHEMOTHERAPY?   Could that be justified by the war on "global warming"?

Secret global chemotherapy - secret geoengineering - is happening.  When it is unveiled, there will be a fall man.  David Keith is that fall man.  He is here to introduce the idea of geoengineering to the public.  He is poised perfectly to say, "the alumina tests didn't go so well" if there are dire human health impacts from the present, secret global spray program. 

If you haven't seen David Keith talking about geoengineering, please see my post "Chemtrails: a multifaceted tyrannical frog-boiling agenda" and the documentary "What In The World Are They Spraying?"

He's a pretty popular guy!  More from David:

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