Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dr. Oz approves of Burzynski,

the movie and the doctor.

[For more information on suppressed cancer treatments, see "MariNoia, Vol. III: Phoenix Tears"]

"Burzynski" - full film (1:48):

In this interview, Dr. Oz speaks to Dr. Burzynski and Eric Merola on Oprah Radio and expresses his approval for the film and the [FDA-suppressed] cancer treatment:

Not that I approve of Dr. Oz... 


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Glenn Miller - "Shh, It's A Military Secret" AKA "Chemtrail Love"

Way ahead of its time!  Send it to your sweetheart!

Listen here:



Take a tip, button up your lip,
Don’t get yourself unstrung,
Harm may come
Just from a slip of the tongue...

Don’t talk about the weather,
Shhh, it’s a military secret,
Just keep your wits together
That’s the safest way to keep it
These are critical times
Be careful of espionage
In such critical times
You gotta watch out for sabotage

If you must talk to someone
Don’t give any information
It’s smart to be a dumb one
Simply change the conversation
Let’s just talk about love
´Cause that’s what I’m thinking of,
And it’s no military secret that I love you...

Hey, how about romancing?

If you can keep a secret...

Well, can I take you dancing?

If you’ll take my heart and keep it
I’m not saying a word,
I’m careful whatever I do

I guess ev’ryone’s heard
I wanna give all my love to you

If you gotta talk to someone
Don’t give any information
It’s smart to be a dumb one
Simply change the conversation
Let’s talk about love
That’s what I’m thinking of
It’s no secret, no secret
It‘s no secret
That I love you...!


Monday, June 11, 2012

Kill the skeptics!

I haven't even heard of global warming, but I'm a climate skeptic, myself.

I have no doubt that humanity has polluted its environment, but I have my doubts about whether or not we are getting the whole story about anthropogenic, carbon dioxide global warming.  Why?  Because I know that aerosols are being sprayed for weather modification puposes, but I don't know how long they have been sprayed for or what effect they might have on 'global warming.'  Chemtrails may enhance global warming, so I'm a climate skeptic.

Watch here:


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dr. Oz doesn't vaccinate his kids

 Here at The Calm Canary Blog we like to talk about integrity.  Let's contrast some health care practitioners!


"Campbell - I'm gonna get it [the H1N1 vaccine], if that helps at all, but I'll tell ya: my wife is not gonna immunize our kids.  'Cause I've got four of them and when I go home I'm not Dr. Oz - I'm Mr. Oz." 

Watch here:

UPDATE 11/11/2012:  this link appears to be broken.  Here is a mirror:

Take note of how hard Dr. Oz pushes in this video for pregnant women and young children to get vaccinated - yet his wife isn't going to immunize his kids.


Chris Kresser doesn't vaccinate his kids, either.  (Except, perhaps, for tetanus...)

 “My concern is that somebody will just follow what we did"

 “Sometimes people are busy and it’s natural to find someone that you trust and just follow their recommendation”

If you don't already know, I trust Chris Kresser.  His website is one of the best health resources in the world.  I don't trust Dr. Oz.  And I encourage lots of investigation!  Don't just follow what Chris did!

On the subject of vaccinations, I recommend this episode of Revolution Health Radio with Chris Kresser (and all the other episodes and articles as well):

Chris Kresser recommends these volumes on vaccines:

For an account of my own personal experience with the swine flu vaccine,

[see post "H1N=1"]

For more information about vaccines,

[see post ""Eat the banana, or we have to put you down!""]

[see post "Vaccines are bad, mmkay..."]

[see post "Aluminum detox"]

Secret global chemotherapy

"Solar engineering is like chemotherapy.  No one wants it.  But we all want the ability to do chemo and to understand its risks should we find ourselves with dangerous cancer."

- David Keith

[If you aren't yet a chemotherapy skeptic, check out "MariNoia, Vol. III:  Phoenix Tears"]

If I secretly peed into the mouth of a sleeping, unsuspecting eight-year-old boy each night and called it secret urine therapy, would you say that my actions could be justified by the War on Cancer?

And what if I were to secretly administer chemotherapy drugs instead, would that be justified?

What about SECRET GLOBAL CHEMOTHERAPY?   Could that be justified by the war on "global warming"?

Secret global chemotherapy - secret geoengineering - is happening.  When it is unveiled, there will be a fall man.  David Keith is that fall man.  He is here to introduce the idea of geoengineering to the public.  He is poised perfectly to say, "the alumina tests didn't go so well" if there are dire human health impacts from the present, secret global spray program. 

If you haven't seen David Keith talking about geoengineering, please see my post "Chemtrails: a multifaceted tyrannical frog-boiling agenda" and the documentary "What In The World Are They Spraying?"

He's a pretty popular guy!  More from David:

David Keith on BBC HARDtalk:

David Keith on TED: