Saturday, May 5, 2012

The P-R-S Song: a groovy antidote to conspiracy theory stress

Some songs provide us with spiritual ammunition, folks.  "Alice's Restaurant Massacree" gave people the option of singing their way out of the draft.!/search?q=alice%27s+restaurant+massacree

I think "P-R-S" is the new "Alice's Restaurant Massacree," folks!  I think it's the best thing since learnin' sliced bread ain't the best thing!

EDIT 11/3/2012:  This video has been removed.  It is absolutely amazing how many of the videos that I link to get taken down.

Here is a mirror:

Conspiracy theorists:

If you ever feel like you've been put on the Group W bench - like you've been injected, inspected, or neglected - never fear:  you've got a song now.

And if you're concerned that the NWO/Illuminists might try to carry out another false flag terror attack like 9/11 - that's reasonable!  I am, too!  Just remember the P-R-S Song!  Then you can sing about inside jobs to other people.  If you keep your head, and remember the P-R-S Song, other people will realize more swiftly the inside job nature of any possible future false flag operations and will find it easier to keep their heads, too. 

Problem - Reaction - Solution
- and it works like this - 
9/11 - inside job
Chemtrails - inside job
FDA - inside job
DEA - inside job

Can you imagine fifty people a day walkin' in, singin' a bar of P-R-S, and walkin' out?  They might think it's a movement!


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