Friday, May 25, 2012

(non)Local Hero, Vol. II

Vol. I can be found here.  


Trademark chemtrails!

I found this advert for the Eugene Airport in Oregon State University's student paper, The Daily Barometer.

Note the three chemtrails coming from four turboprop engines - that'll teach you not to ask questions!

- THCalm Canary


A brave soul - a (non)Local Hero - calls and complains about the poster. 

He says, most understatedly, that "there is a trend towards normalizing these lines in the sky."  

I tend to agree.  Watch here:



LEGO chemtrail commercial for children!



This Spirit Aerosystems chemtrail normalization ad asks, "What is a birthday without a few decorative stremers?"

We wouldn't want to deprive the children of streamers on their birthday, would we?  No, we wouldn't!  Don't be mean to children!  Accept chemtrails for what they are - happy birthday streamers!  Don't ask questions!  Don't look up!  Go to sleep!


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Pass the tinfoil.