Friday, May 25, 2012

(non)Local Hero, Vol. II

Vol. I can be found here.  


Trademark chemtrails!

I found this advert for the Eugene Airport in Oregon State University's student paper, The Daily Barometer.

Note the three chemtrails coming from four turboprop engines - that'll teach you not to ask questions!

- THCalm Canary


A brave soul - a (non)Local Hero - calls and complains about the poster. 

He says, most understatedly, that "there is a trend towards normalizing these lines in the sky."  

I tend to agree.  Watch here:



LEGO chemtrail commercial for children!



This Spirit Aerosystems chemtrail normalization ad asks, "What is a birthday without a few decorative stremers?"

We wouldn't want to deprive the children of streamers on their birthday, would we?  No, we wouldn't!  Don't be mean to children!  Accept chemtrails for what they are - happy birthday streamers!  Don't ask questions!  Don't look up!  Go to sleep!


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dangers of statin drugs and how they are damaging the brain

Russell Blaylock speaks about the dangers of statin drugs on the Alex Jones Show.

Watch here:

Also check this out!

"Statin Drugs Found To Accelerate Arterial Calcification" - Green Med Info


Saturday, May 5, 2012

The P-R-S Song: a groovy antidote to conspiracy theory stress

Some songs provide us with spiritual ammunition, folks.  "Alice's Restaurant Massacree" gave people the option of singing their way out of the draft.!/search?q=alice%27s+restaurant+massacree

I think "P-R-S" is the new "Alice's Restaurant Massacree," folks!  I think it's the best thing since learnin' sliced bread ain't the best thing!

EDIT 11/3/2012:  This video has been removed.  It is absolutely amazing how many of the videos that I link to get taken down.

Here is a mirror:

Conspiracy theorists:

If you ever feel like you've been put on the Group W bench - like you've been injected, inspected, or neglected - never fear:  you've got a song now.

And if you're concerned that the NWO/Illuminists might try to carry out another false flag terror attack like 9/11 - that's reasonable!  I am, too!  Just remember the P-R-S Song!  Then you can sing about inside jobs to other people.  If you keep your head, and remember the P-R-S Song, other people will realize more swiftly the inside job nature of any possible future false flag operations and will find it easier to keep their heads, too. 

Problem - Reaction - Solution
- and it works like this - 
9/11 - inside job
Chemtrails - inside job
FDA - inside job
DEA - inside job

Can you imagine fifty people a day walkin' in, singin' a bar of P-R-S, and walkin' out?  They might think it's a movement!


Bruce Lipton explains the nocebo effect and genetic fatalism

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Greetings, fellow investigators!

This post will chronicle my own n=1 experience with the H1N1 (swine flu) vaccine:

I got the Fluarix swine flu shot late in 2009.  For a couple of months afterwards I experienced severe depression and a massive increase in migraine headaches.  Then, I was deathly ill for an entire year in 2010.  I got sick ten times in 2010, viruses, I assume - one bout of upper respiratory illness lasted 10 weeks - and I haven't been sick since.

I also haven't been vaccinated since!

Today, I would have to be vaccinated at gunpoint.  And I would ask to take the bullet rather than the vaccine.  I would rather die with a chest full of lead than a live with a head full of mercury and aluminum.

UPDATE 11/9/2012:  I am now aware that Fluarix contains polysorbate 80, known to cause infertility in males and females.  This information comes to me three years after having received the swine flu false flag inside jab job.  It also contains formaldehyde, thimerosal in the multi-dose vials, antibiotics, and more.

For more information on vaccines,

[see post "Vaccines are bad, mmkay..."]

Also note that our beloved Dr. Oz, while he pushes for everyone in the general public to get their flu shots, does not vaccinate his own children:

[see post "Dr. Oz doesn't vaccinate his kids"]


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"HAARP, Mind Effects, and ESP"

Let's start with Jesse Ventura.  His 45 minute program on HAARP makes an excellent (dramatic) introduction.

Next, Dr. Nick Begich, author of Angels Don't Play This HAARP and Controlling The Human Mind, speaks on Coast to Coast with George Noory:

Listen here!  Enjoy!