Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ReWild, UnShoe, UnSpock!

(categorically better than Eat, Pray, Love...freer and more radical than Eat, Pray, Queef...)

 ReWild, UnShoe, UnSpock!

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"Rehumanize Yourself" - The Police




Clap on/Clap off

UnWild/ReWild(rewind, unwind)


Spock/UnSpock(nonSpock, nonstick, unstuck)


1.  ReWild

From the Maine Primitve Skills School:

"Nature Literacy - Remedy For Institutionalized Minds"

2.  UnShoe

There is only one "right" way to walk, folks - like a fox (oh, fuck!).

Tom Brown, Jr.'s been saying it for years!  Where have we been?  Have we been sleeping?

If you haven't done any fox walking before, this illustration of Tom in a stalking crouch (a different technique) might help you.  Importantly, it clearly shows how the human foot is supposed to fall when fox walking in slow motion.

Not everything follows Hegel's dialectic...but I have a suspicion that muscle memory does.  Exaggerate your movements when learning to fox walk!  (it is useful to lift the knees high as you see here, though the arms can certainly be at the side in weasel walk fashion)

Fig. 1:  Tom Brown, Jr. demonstrating the stalking crouch in his natural habitat

For fox walking information, please read this:

And now a hypothetical...

Assume, dear readers, that you have the ability to ride your bicycle on its rear wheel with perfect balance at will.  Would you insist on riding your bike on one wheel as a matter of course, each day, for the rest of your (un)natural life, in a perpetual wheelie?

That's what cow walking is like.  Cow walking deprives you of the opportunity to use one of the most beautiful shock absorbers ever invented - the human calf.

"Our walk is devastating, not natural. Little babies have shoes like cement boots. Our feet are ruined from the first step we take in shoes."

     - Tom Brown, Jr.

3.  UnSpock

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