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In previous posts, I ragged on Andrew Weil for his speech, "The Future of Psychedelic and Medical Marijuana Research".  This is not because I'm against people that think ahead - it is because I refuse to enable people when they withold information.

Futurism can be dangerous when discernment is running low.  Discernment is the glutathione that prevents futurism from wreaking havoc.  When people get up in front of you and say, "Here's how it's gonna be," watch out!  Futurists have been employed to usher in societal changes.  Some futurists have been placed strategically as shills for The Secret Orwellian World Surveillance New Order Technocorporatocracy Agenda, hereafter known only as The SOWSNOT Agenda (aka TSA).

Andrew Weil may not be part of this secret agenda, but extremely popular mainstream media "science" spokesman Michio Kaku is.

A YouTuber called "Terrorist Patriot" uploaded this video.  It provides a working definition, in Michio Kaku's own words, for the term "terrorist." 

mirror (original removed by YouTube):

Special thanks to Terrorist Patriot for uploading this video, and for including the clips of Bushy baby trying to "polarize the pumpkin eaters," with "us and them" rhetoric!

The video begins, as usual, with an appeal to authority:

"When we physicists look at outer space for alien life, we don't look for little green men." 

Note also that the use of the word "we" is implied consensus.  At the very beginning he has established by means of suggestion that the entire scientific community is behind him, and so everything that he says afterwards must also be agreed upon by the best and the brightest.

Of a "Type I civilization," Kaku says,

"They control earthquakes, the weather, volcanoes.  They have cities on the ocean.  Anything planetary, they control - that's Type I."

Actually, darling, I think they call that "Type A".

We can safely check off the first two - HAARP and chemtrails already control earthquakes and the weather.

Of a "Type II" civilization, he says,

"They've exhausted the power of the planet, and get their energy directly from their mother star."

This statement is made under the implicit assumption that the human species is incapable of living in balance with the Earth and must constantly expand to sustain itself.  It's the human cancer paradigm.  B.S. alert!  As a futurist, Kaku is telling us "this is how it's gonna be."  He's trying to hypnotize you into thinking that we cannot live in balance with the Earth!

"The Empire of StarWars would correspond to a Type III civilization."

Translation:  Kaku wants us to be the Empire.  We must colonize the galaxy.  There is no other choice.

"Now what are we on this scale?  We are Type Zero.  We don't even rate on this scale...we get our energy from dead plants - oil and coal.  We can calculate when we will attain Type I status - about a hundred years."

Ooh, those calculations are cold, Kaky baby!

Well, my fellows, do you feel guilty yet for burning dead plants?  Do you feel silly?  Do you feel small?  Do you feel inferior?  Primitive?  What are we?  We must not be good enough - we don't even rate!  It is obviously well-known around the Milky Way that attaining Type I status is like attaining a sort of Facebook status or social status in our galaxy - it means that we are good enough to talk to the cool kids. 

"What is the European Union?  ...because we're seeing the beginnings of a Type I economy:  huge planetary trading blocs are the beginnings of a Type I economy."  

Yes, "globalization" and "the beginnings of a Type I economy" are excellent euphemisms for The SOWSNOT Agenda.

"...Hollywood movies, ...rock and roll, rap music, blue jeans...that's going to be the planetary culture of the planet Earth."

He's not even calling for the homogenization of the world's culture - he's declaring it.  Yep.

He summarizes,

"And so this transition is perhaps the most important transition of all time.  Some people don't want it.  They fear this transition, because this transition is to a planetary civilization tolerant of many cultures.  These are the terrorists.  They - in their gut - they fear this because they know they are witnessing the birthtime of a New Planetary Civilization, and the terrorists want nothing to do with it."

That is to say that anyone who opposes this transition (as defined by the contents of the speech) is a terrorist.

It is also to say that anyone who has a sort of gut feeling or emotion of fear associated with this New Planetary Civilization (aka New World Order) should ignore it - or perhaps even do the planet a favor and commit suicide because they are a terrorist!  Thanks, Dr. Kaku!  Will do!*

*Comic relief:  KITH: The "will do" guy in prison


George, Sr., member of Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove, futurizing on the New World Order, precisely 11 years before the false flag terror attack that would be used to bring it a little bit closer to being:

TV snippet (0:34):

Full speech:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

For more information about secret societies such as the Bohemian Club and Skull and Bones,

   [see post ""Weaving spiders come not here!""].


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