Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Faith healing

Much in keeping with "consensus faith theory," from an earlier post, humans appear to have the ability to heal themselves and each other by creating the feeling of health and healing in their hearts.  Gregg Braden refers to our reality as "The Divine Matrix".  This video shows the faith healing of a bladder tumor.

Recall from an earlier post that Andrew Weil's severe cat allergies and fair-skindedness disappeared during two separate LSD trips, as he describes starting at 13:53:\

LSD is an entheogen, and one's faith meter is likely to be running high during an entheogenic experience.  Dr. Weil's experience was catalyzed by LSD, but the drug does not contain the experience and is neither necessary nor sufficient.  These healing experiences are normal, even if they are not widely regarded as common. 

Dr. Weil is stumped for a mechanism.  I have a suggestion: consciousness is primary, and matter is secondary.

Has faith healing happened to you or anyone you know?  Do you believe it can?

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