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MariNoia, Vol. IV: A peaceful merger of the Paleo 2.0 and MMJ communities!

The online Paleo 2.0 community has been extremely successful at debunking the myths that support mainstream dietary propaganda.  Similarly, the medical marijuana community has been successful at debunking the propaganda that supports current and historical super-federal drug policies.  Both communities are highly cooperative within themselves and do a lot in isolation to better the health of humans, but so far I've seen little cooperation between the two groups.  Most people don't connect the dots after they discover one or the other.  This post will be a non-corporate, strictly intellectual merger of "Paleo" and "pot". 

The MMJ community is mistaken in the idea that hempseed is a healthy food.  Claims run rampant that it has an ideal fatty acid ratio and makes a perfect cooking oil.  To put it gently, this is insane.  While it is true that hempseed and oil derived from it both have large amounts of ALA, an essential ω-3 fatty acid, it is not true that the ratio of fatty acids present in hempseed or hempseed oil is ideal.  This is hogwash - malarkey.  

While it is true that there is some conversion of ALA to mission-critical DHA (and also EPA) in the liver, this process is very inefficient and has no hope of producing enough DHA for optimal health. That's right, folks, DHA must be had in the diet, and this means eating real animal foods (with one notable seaweed exception).  No amount of flax will save your inflamed ass!  Neither will AMBP, by the way!

As an example, grass-fed ruminant fats like butter and tallow do have ideal fatty acid ratios and contain DHA.  Hempseed oil is a temperate plant oil, and thus is not a good food. 

What makes an ideal fatty acid ratio in the human diet?

*high amounts of safe, chemically-stable, heat-stable saturated and monounsaturated fattty acids (fuel)
*low total amounts of fragile polyunsaturated fatty acids to reduce oxidative damage and inflammation (and the likelihood of heart disease)
*balanced ratio of ω-3:ω-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids (approx. 1:1 or 1:2) - DHA is key

What does this mean in practice?

That's all, folks.


In previous posts, I ragged on Andrew Weil for his speech, "The Future of Psychedelic and Medical Marijuana Research".  This is not because I'm against people that think ahead - it is because I refuse to enable people when they withold information.

Futurism can be dangerous when discernment is running low.  Discernment is the glutathione that prevents futurism from wreaking havoc.  When people get up in front of you and say, "Here's how it's gonna be," watch out!  Futurists have been employed to usher in societal changes.  Some futurists have been placed strategically as shills for The Secret Orwellian World Surveillance New Order Technocorporatocracy Agenda, hereafter known only as The SOWSNOT Agenda (aka TSA).

Andrew Weil may not be part of this secret agenda, but extremely popular mainstream media "science" spokesman Michio Kaku is.

A YouTuber called "Terrorist Patriot" uploaded this video.  It provides a working definition, in Michio Kaku's own words, for the term "terrorist." 

mirror (original removed by YouTube):

Special thanks to Terrorist Patriot for uploading this video, and for including the clips of Bushy baby trying to "polarize the pumpkin eaters," with "us and them" rhetoric!

The video begins, as usual, with an appeal to authority:

"When we physicists look at outer space for alien life, we don't look for little green men." 

Note also that the use of the word "we" is implied consensus.  At the very beginning he has established by means of suggestion that the entire scientific community is behind him, and so everything that he says afterwards must also be agreed upon by the best and the brightest.

Of a "Type I civilization," Kaku says,

"They control earthquakes, the weather, volcanoes.  They have cities on the ocean.  Anything planetary, they control - that's Type I."

Actually, darling, I think they call that "Type A".

We can safely check off the first two - HAARP and chemtrails already control earthquakes and the weather.

Of a "Type II" civilization, he says,

"They've exhausted the power of the planet, and get their energy directly from their mother star."

This statement is made under the implicit assumption that the human species is incapable of living in balance with the Earth and must constantly expand to sustain itself.  It's the human cancer paradigm.  B.S. alert!  As a futurist, Kaku is telling us "this is how it's gonna be."  He's trying to hypnotize you into thinking that we cannot live in balance with the Earth!

"The Empire of StarWars would correspond to a Type III civilization."

Translation:  Kaku wants us to be the Empire.  We must colonize the galaxy.  There is no other choice.

"Now what are we on this scale?  We are Type Zero.  We don't even rate on this scale...we get our energy from dead plants - oil and coal.  We can calculate when we will attain Type I status - about a hundred years."

Ooh, those calculations are cold, Kaky baby!

Well, my fellows, do you feel guilty yet for burning dead plants?  Do you feel silly?  Do you feel small?  Do you feel inferior?  Primitive?  What are we?  We must not be good enough - we don't even rate!  It is obviously well-known around the Milky Way that attaining Type I status is like attaining a sort of Facebook status or social status in our galaxy - it means that we are good enough to talk to the cool kids. 

"What is the European Union?  ...because we're seeing the beginnings of a Type I economy:  huge planetary trading blocs are the beginnings of a Type I economy."  

Yes, "globalization" and "the beginnings of a Type I economy" are excellent euphemisms for The SOWSNOT Agenda.

"...Hollywood movies, ...rock and roll, rap music, blue jeans...that's going to be the planetary culture of the planet Earth."

He's not even calling for the homogenization of the world's culture - he's declaring it.  Yep.

He summarizes,

"And so this transition is perhaps the most important transition of all time.  Some people don't want it.  They fear this transition, because this transition is to a planetary civilization tolerant of many cultures.  These are the terrorists.  They - in their gut - they fear this because they know they are witnessing the birthtime of a New Planetary Civilization, and the terrorists want nothing to do with it."

That is to say that anyone who opposes this transition (as defined by the contents of the speech) is a terrorist.

It is also to say that anyone who has a sort of gut feeling or emotion of fear associated with this New Planetary Civilization (aka New World Order) should ignore it - or perhaps even do the planet a favor and commit suicide because they are a terrorist!  Thanks, Dr. Kaku!  Will do!*

*Comic relief:  KITH: The "will do" guy in prison


George, Sr., member of Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove, futurizing on the New World Order, precisely 11 years before the false flag terror attack that would be used to bring it a little bit closer to being:

TV snippet (0:34):

Full speech:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

For more information about secret societies such as the Bohemian Club and Skull and Bones,

   [see post ""Weaving spiders come not here!""].


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Faith healing

Much in keeping with "consensus faith theory," from an earlier post, humans appear to have the ability to heal themselves and each other by creating the feeling of health and healing in their hearts.  Gregg Braden refers to our reality as "The Divine Matrix".  This video shows the faith healing of a bladder tumor.

Recall from an earlier post that Andrew Weil's severe cat allergies and fair-skindedness disappeared during two separate LSD trips, as he describes starting at 13:53:\

LSD is an entheogen, and one's faith meter is likely to be running high during an entheogenic experience.  Dr. Weil's experience was catalyzed by LSD, but the drug does not contain the experience and is neither necessary nor sufficient.  These healing experiences are normal, even if they are not widely regarded as common. 

Dr. Weil is stumped for a mechanism.  I have a suggestion: consciousness is primary, and matter is secondary.

Has faith healing happened to you or anyone you know?  Do you believe it can?

Reclaim your birthrights!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"The children are probably very happy"

[special thanks to Dees Illustration]

 Have YOU heard of FEMA camps?

Jesse Ventura asks:

"I'm here to talk to you about these FEMA camps.  Uh, I'm very disturbed about them - why would we be building these things all over the country - for what purpose?"

"Well, we wouldn't, because they don't exist.  Uh, it's just a figment of some people who are, who have concerns about, ah, maybe Martians or other creatures coming to infiltrate our society thinking that there are such camps.  There are no such camps."

In the same video clip, after being shown the bill he co-sponsored:

"Well, I think, you know, I think I recall now something about this, and I, and if I'm correct I think those are locations for if there's a disaster like in Katrina - I think that's what it is.  It's not any kind of a concentration camp or anything to round up citizens."


"I haven't been there - I don't know who the children are, but the children are probably very happy."

- Representative Steve Cohen of Tennessee, co-sponsor of the FEMA camps bill

You believe him, right?

My fellow investigators, please start at 9:19 in this link.  In his own words, Jesse Ventura describes how his show on FEMA camps was censored after being aired once:

And here is the program that was pulled from the air:

Rachel Maddow reporting on the NDAA:  (possibly related)

"Martial law shakes hands with the US vaccine program"  -

If the owl in the illustration has you confused,

[see post ""Weaving spiders come not here!""]

Monday, March 19, 2012

Indigo Revolution!

I don't know what to think of labels like "Indigo people" or "crystal children," but there was enough in this video that resonated that I wanted to share it here.  If you don't like the labels, insert something else of your choosing every time she uses the term "Indigo". 

Doreen Virtue calls for widespread changes at all levels of human behavior, particularly in the way we raise our children.

 “Authority, in itself, isn’t valuable in the new energy – what’s only valuable is truth.”

Dishonesty, competition, and greed
Dr. Virtue observes that today, the dominant paradigm on Earth is competition, not cooperation.  Information is ruthlessly controlled in a pyramidal, authoritarian, compartmentalized fashion rather than shared freely and horizontally.  [see post "Are you AOL or AWOL?"]  People withhold information from each other or tell lies in order to make a profit, to “get theirs,” and the like.  This is changing, folks.  And alternative news media is rising! 

Consensus faith theory and lucid dreaming
In a lucid dream, the extent to which the dreamer can control their dreamscape is highly variable.  I think faith may be a determining factor.  Perhaps the degree of control the dreamer has is dependent upon the extent to which the dreamer believes that they can control the dream.  In the “real” world, we might do well to extend this lesson.  The degree to which we can do something is dependent upon the extent to which we believe that we can do it. 
In the video, Dr. Virtue speaks of God-given potentials that we all have, including psychic abilities and the ability to levitate.  Most of us would agree that these would be possible in a lucid dream – I personally find it easy to levitate in dreams if lucid.  However, I’m not sure we would ALL agree that these are possible in “real life,” and that is exactly the problem - low consensus faith!  :) 
If the extent to which a person can levitate in their lucid dream is dependent upon their individual faith that they can do it, then maybe the extent to which a person can levitate in real life is dependent upon the consensus faith that they can do it – the sum total of positive and negative faith across the globe!  I make this claim (and I’m not ashamed) because I know from personal experience that this is a characteristic of how psychic phenomena work – on the collective faith principle. 
I would suggest that levitation may not only be possible, but normal.  So often we mistake what is common for what is normal.  Could that be the case here?  

Existential anger
Dr. Virtue also speaks of “existential anger,” which she defines as “generalized anger for the state of the world.”  This anger is beautiful – it is to be cherished and channeled, rather than squelched and squashed.  It provides the energy that is needed to drive positive change.

Vit. D synthesis
Careful, Dr. Virtue!  Vitamin D can only be synthesized in intense sunlight!

Shakiness on low-fat diets
While I enjoyed the bulk of the video, I simply can’t agree with the dietary recommendations.  Feeling shaky on a low-fat diet seems like a normal reaction to an extreme/stressful situation.  While I wholeheartedly agree with the condemnation of fast food as it exists today, I’m not so sure that people should live on salad and fruit juice, sorry.  Veganism is a sin; I can be functionally certain!  :)  Instead, I would recommend that my readers look to the work of people in the “Paleo 2.0 Blogosphere” such as:

Chris Kresser   *start with the "9 Steps to Perfect Health" series!
Kurt Harris
Drs. Jaminet
(to name a few)

Dr. Harris sums things up rather neatly:


Grass fed ruminants, pastured butter and eggs and wild caught cold water fish are the kernel of a healthy diet, but the fuel source can be larger than the kernel on a caloric basis if the kernel is high quality and consistent.”


‘Cardiovascular’ exercise

While I absolutely agree that everyone should get out and move, I would urge my fellow investigators to educate themselves against mainstream exercise propaganda/mythology and the “chronic cardio” paradigm by reading Body by Science, by Doug McGuff and John Little.  Some people might take Doreen Virtue's recommendation and extrapolate: "if 20 minutes per day is good, 80 minutes is better!"  But this is a false conclusion, of course.  As one might expect, it turns out to be the case that resting and recovery are just as important as the exercise stimulus.  In Body by Science there is also an excellent discussion of some of the genetic factors that determine muscular genetic potential (for those that have an interest in the theory behind strength training).  The high-intensity, slow motion method of strength training, which has been refined by McGuff and others, is the safest I know of on all fronts - it is the safest form of exercise for heart patients as well as the safest form of exercise for folks like myself who have hypermobile joints.


Listen to your inner truth!

In closing, Dr. Virtue says,

"Please have patience with us older people, while we're still learning to cope and grow ourselves.  And, please, Indigos, listen to your own inner voice.  Don’t be dissuaded – just because someone is older than you – to go off of your own path.  Please don’t let an adult who is saying something that doesn’t vibrate as the truth to you to talk you out of your own inner truth.  Indigos, we need you to stick to the mission that you came here to do, and to know that you're old enough to do it, that you're qualified, that you're ready to do it, and that ultimately we adults will come around and support you even if in the beginning we may seem to resist you."

Special thanks to Dr. Virtue for her emphatic pronunciation and spelling of 'serotonin' - I noticed!  :)


I found a version of "Indigo Revolution" on YouTube that is not in its complete form, but is very popular in a relative sense.  (19,500 views for the incomplete video - 27,500 for the complete one as of January 2013)

It includes 30 minutes out of the 40 minute presentation.

It was uploaded by THEMAYQUEEN1.

I left this comment:

I am VERY familiar with this Doreen Virtue video - I wrote an article about it on my blog in March 2012. But I cannot agree with commenter jenilyn8705 who said, "This is one of the few things I've seen online today that truly honestly genuinely feels like truth -- it fills my heart rather than frustrate me again and again." To me it honestly genuinely feels like deception - the video is cut short! Please watch watnoudan888's FULL 40 min version of Indigo Revolution!!! (pg1, see next page...)

(pg2...) "If there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now./It's just a spring clean for the May Queen". (That's the Led Zeppelin line that was supposedly backmasked with Satanic lyrics - I wonder why you named your channel after that part?) So, THEMAYQUEEN1, I suggest you do some spring cleaning on your videos (and maybe more than just your videos...) and take this one down (and upload a mirror/copy of watnoudan888's FULL version of this video to your YouTube channel instead!!!) 


"The world would not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them but do nothing about it."

- Albert Einstein


The nature of conspiracy

Welcome to The Calm Canary Blog!

It's time to get conspiratorial!

...booting up...


“Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.”


“In questions of science the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.” 

Hi, folks.  In the last post, I suggested that "the government" might have conspired to keep a safe and effective cannabinoid cancer treatment hidden from public knowledge.  (gasp!)  Might that have been one thought over the line - or one toke?  Did THCalm Canary just get a little vapor-happy and jump to conclusions?

CTRL + click to listen!

"One Toke Over The Line" - Brewer & Shipley

This post will delve into the theory behind conspiracy theorizing. 


I recall that my eighth grade English teacher, R.W., was extraordinarily caring – both in his presentation of grammatical structure and in his interaction with each individual student.  Since that time I have received no education in grammar that I consider significant, and I prefer to say that “I have grammarian tendencies but no intensive training,” because it ended in eighth grade.  I remember that he even took the time to read aloud books such as The Hobbit and The Pearl, which are forever imprinted on my brain!

But I know I’ll never forget how R.W. talked about the word “conspiracy.” 

He told us that “to con-spire” is to share spirit, or breath, with another.  Obviously, breath sharing occurs in the whispering and plotting of conspirators.  But, personally, I don’t think breath sharing is inherently evil.  Lovers can share breath/spirit, and even do CPR drills.  There are all sorts of conspirators.  Conspirators can develop a tremendous sense of kinship with each other, and it is partly for this reason that conspiracies can be dangerous.

Where conspirators cultivate this kinship, there is often the proliferation of any variety of “us and them” mentalities – and this is where things get tricky.  A strong sense of “us” can beget a strong sense of “them” in the context of a fearful and competitive world.  (Of course, in a cooperative world, a strong sense of “us” need not be accompanied by a strong sense of “them.”)  And so when the “us and them” mentality begins, so does dehumanization, in a psychic sense.  If this goes far enough, then genocide and other atrocities can result.  If it doesn't go very far, people just label each other "conspiracy kook" or "fringey".  These are the “old scabs," according to Doreen Virtue (next post). 

Usually, I would associate a conspiracy with a secretive setting, but I’ll be the first to admit publicly that I am conspiring to save the world!  I plan to do this by sharing my own breath, spirit, and information with the world and by helping people to wake up to their hidden potentials and vibrant health, to reconnect with what has been largely forgotten and share it freely and openly with everyone.  Now that's what I call an open conspiracy!

When we are the keepers of special knowledge, and hoard this knowledge and use it to profit off of others, we are not in our integrity.  That type of behavior is rooted in fear, not love.  It is rooted in the belief that we all must compete just to survive rather than cooperate just to thrive.  How can we be loving stewards of the Earth if we haven’t yet learned to be loving stewards of our own consciousness, of information, of each other?  But the truth is that this Earth is a beautiful and bountiful planet, and any illusion of scarcity is man-made, even man-engineered.  So, my fellow investigators, I pray that the conspiracies you participate in are loving (and non-secretive to the extent that they affect others)!


This illegal FBI program was used to intentionally discredit, wiretap, and blackmail such freedom speakers as MLK, Jr., to infiltrate the ranks of the civil rights and other movements and instigate violence and police-state brutality, and more.  If you are not familiar with this program, here is a video to get you started (54 min):

COINTELPRO:  The FBI’s War on Black America

This program has not ended, though it may be under another name.  These means are used to ruthlessly control information and to stifle, discredit, and taint real dissension.  In other news:

     baddest ban in the whole damn town!

"Government might ban conspiracy theorizing."

Badder than-a old King Kong!
Meaner than a junkyard dog!

 CTRL+click to listen!!/s/Bad+Bad+Leroy+Brown/2uvicx?src=5

Cass Sunstein is the Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in the Obama administration.  He, with the help of Adrian Vermeule, wrote a most fascinating paper about conspiracy theories which I encourage everyone to read critically! 

(follow the link and click on “One Click Download” to get the PDF)

On page 15, he outlines governmental responses to conspiracy theories that appear militant.  That is, the responses appear militant.  The policies that are outlined involve either ignorance or aggression.

Telling words and phrases are:

"ban" "impose" "tax" "counterspeech" "marshaling arguments to discredit" "formally hire credible private parties to engage in counterspeech" and perhaps most telling "cognitive infiltration" (underlining is not mine, though of course it could be)

 The formal hiring of credible private parties to engage in counterspeech is an appeal to authority

How does a government "ban conspiracy theorizing"?  Thought-crime, anyone?

Also see page 16, especially for this quote:

"We will ask whether judges do more good than harm by invoking statutes such as the Freedom of Information Act to force government to disclose facts that would rebut conspiracy theories.  Our conclusions are generally skeptical: there is little reason to believe that judges can improve on administrative choices in these situations."

"Our conclusions are generally skeptical: there is little reason to believe...little reason to believe..."

In other words, he is calling for more centralization of power, less information for those not in administrative positions, a general increase in the top-heaviness of the pyramid, and no Freedom of Information, Act or otherwise.

My fellow investigators, I do declare that the only proper role of any government in the realm of conspiracy theories is an investigative one.  If a government represents its people appropriately, then it will surely investigate any suspected conspiracy honestly to see if it could be real and to prevent it from inflicting harm.  I would even suggest that our society would do well not to hush or stifle any concerned citizens who may be witness to some sort of conspiracy, or to label them terrorists.  This seems counterproductive.  I think we should cultivate intellectual openness and flexibility, especially when it comes to listening to others around us who are in some way or other dissatisfied with the state of the world.  Whistleblowers ought to be commended, not condem-ned, for their refusal to be complacent.  As a conspiracy theorist myself, I intend to point out that there are some very dark secrets in the world, and that we cannot change what we do not recognize.  

A certain former president of ours seemed to have an approach or an opinion that contrasts sharply with Cass Sunstein’s.  On April 27th, 1961, JFK gave a speech before the American Newspaper Publishers Association, saying,

“Even today, there is little value in ensuring the survival of our country if our traditions don’t survive with it.  And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be ceased upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment.”


“Without debate, without criticism, no administration and no country can succeed – and no republic can survive. That is why the Athenian lawmaker Solon decreed it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy.”

A transcript and audio file are available here.  Enjoy, and don’t shrink from controversy!


Cass Sunstein really just seems like a fall guy to me. Let's move on.