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MariNoia, Vol. III: "Phoenix Tears"

Most people do not find enough evidence in one place to seriously consider using Rick Simpson Oil (cannabis oil) as a chemo'therapy' alternative.  This post is a collection of the best evidence I have found for RSO as a cancer treatment. The videos are paramount. 

 "You can smoke hemp joints till the cows come home, but it is highly unlikely that smoking hemp will cure your cancer and the government knows it."

- Rick Simpson

It is obvious to any casual, causal observer that Rick Simpson is in his integrity.  This post will examine the credibility of his claims! 

Last summer, a friend recommended something called “Simpson Oil,” a concentrated solvent extract of the buds.  He said that his friend claimed it had cured someone of terminal leukemia, and suggested that I try it for my migraines.

Curious, I watched Rick Simpson’s film, Run From The Cure, and was fascinated by his claims of curing over 5000 people of cancers and other diseases in a May 2012 interview:

But I was unwilling to reimburse for a pound of bud and boil off the Everclear in a rice cooker in my backyard…!  I decided, however, that I should try the edible method of using cannabis more often, as I knew the metabolism of orally administered cannabis was a bit different.  I did notice that eating cannabis (in the form of cannabutter) in combination with vaporizing it helps my head much more than vaporizing alone, and I would recommend it over aspirin to all migraineurs willing to try it!  

Later, I was surprised to learn that Rick Simpson wasn’t the only one claiming to have found a "cancer cure" in the form of high-dose oral cannabis – many others that I met along my path mentioned the antitumor effect of cannabinoids, Rick Simpson Oil (‘RSO’ is the new slang for the hip patients at my local clinic) or some other connection between cannabis and cancer beyond the well-known anti-nausea effect on chemotherapy patients.

Since so many people told me about Rick Simpson Oil, I decided to apply my healthy, skeptical eye and investigate.  Every pothead in the world wants cannabis to be a cancer cure, I thought, so I figured nobody else with a scientific mind would be willing to look in this lonely intellectual corner and debunk the myths that must be supporting the hopeful potheads’ crusade.  If I investigate 1000 unlikely avenues, I thought, I might just find one that’s not a dead end.  This constitutes my general approach - investigating the unlikely.

It doesn't look like a dead end.

Here’s what I found: (links are included for recommended pages)


Jeff Gianola of KOIN 6 (Oregon) reporting on the antitumor effect of cannabinoids (start at 3:39)

Rick Simpson – Run From The Cure 

"Prostate Cancer Cured With Cannabis Oil" - biochemist Dennis Hill shares his Stage IV story on a bizarre radio program called "Spiral Up With Ava Marie"

     (Hilarious theme song!) Spi-ral up...spi-ral up

Part 1:

Part 2:

     in this video, Dennis Hill coins the term "cannabinoid supplementation."  Darn - looks like he beat me to it.

     Ava Marie says that she would take radiation and chemo along with the cannabis oil treatment (against the biochemist's recommendation).  Personally, I wouldn't bother.

Len Richmond –  "Kurt Cannabis Meets Connie Cancer" (a trailer for WICCC)
     (Narrated by Roseanne Barr and Malcolm McDowell!)

Len Richmond - "What If Cannabis Cured Cancer?"

Note the endorsement for the full-length film by popular Andrew Weil, M.D., N.D.:

"What if Cannabis Cured Cancer summarizes the remarkable research findings of recent years about the cancer-protective effects of novel compounds in marijuana.  Most medical doctors are not aware of this information and its implications for prevention and treatment. If we need more evidence that our current policy on cannabis is counterproductive and foolish, here it is. An excellent film."

     (Text variation is my doing)

Novel compounds, hmm, Dr. Weil?  Which of the compounds in marijuana are 'novel'?  I was under the impression that the compounds in marijuana are ancient.


Andrew Weil – "The Future of Psychedelic and Medical Marijuana Research"*

Key quotes from the eminent Dr. Weil:
(after being asked his opinion by an audience member of Rick Simpson Oil and the marijuana/cancer relation):

“Actually, I did not mention that in the things that I talked about – the areas of promising research.  I think the other great, interesting area with cannabinoids is the possibility of both preventing and treating cancer.  And that’s something that’s completely – unexpected, uh, that these recent findings, are even protective against lung cancer and other types of cancer, as well as protective against dementia and memory loss – who would have ever thought?  These are novel, interesting, unexpected potentials of cannabinoids that certainly should be explored.”

     (Text variation is my doing)

Oh, I see, Dr. Weil.  You "did not mention that'.  You just gave a speech called "The Future Of Psychedelic and Medical Marijuana Research" and you didn't mention the whole cancer bit until someone asked you about it?!  You gave an endorsement to the film "What If Cannabis Cured Cancer?"- but you didn't mention the cannabis/cancer connection even once in your speech?! 

Dr. Weil emphasizes that the research is “new” over and over, so that there will not be an uproar from the masses.

He’s actually, literally hypnotizing his audience in the hope that they might pass the story on to others.  I would like a body language expert to analyze the part of the tape where he claims the research is novel - HA!

The evidence is not new; it has been known for many years that cannabinoids have an antitumor effect.  This is the earliest paper I found, “Antineoplastic Activity of Cannabinoids” (1975):*

Note his endorsement of Sativex.  He seems adamantly against smoking or inhaling marijuana - he claims it's not medicinal.  This statement is authoritarian, unfounded, and incorrect.  Cannabis is medicinal when inhaled, ingested, or applied topically!  The antinausea effect of cannabis is much more rapid and powerful when it is inhaled.  In fact, inhaled cannabis is about the most potent antinausea drug in the world.  Sativex is simply a standardized tincture of cannabis, and is also medicinal.  A standardized tincture of cannabis could easily be grown and prepared at home cheaply and safely.  Dr. Weil likes Sativex because if you don't grow it in your backyard, then you can still get it as a prescription.  You might even be fooled into paying the amount you pay for your other prescriptions!

Here's some more of Dr. Weil endorsing Sativex - this time on CNN.  We must be careful observers.

CTRL+click to watch in a new tab!
"Dr. Weil Pushes HARD for Sativex on CNN/Bud isn't medicinal unless it has a big pharma label"

I agree with Dr. Weil in that it is important to emphasize oral use of cannabis for medicinal benefit - patients who exclusively inhale their medicine are missing out on this benefit.  But to imply that only Sativex is medicinal is absurd - it Sativexes me.  Inhalation methods are also profoundly medicinal and have different effects than oral administration.  And any patient, given the proper strain and some ethanol, may easily prepare their own standardized tincture (similar to Sativex) and can easily buy a squirt bottle if they wish to meter their dose by this method.  Many patients will also find great joy and liberation in the process of growing their own medicine.

Personally, I much prefer cannabis-infused butter over tincture for treating my migraines.  Dr. Weil's desire to distinguish between medicinal and recreational use of marijuana is silly and unfounded.  What he failed to mention in this video is that his own combination of recreational use of LSD with what I would call 'self-talk' resulted in two profound experiences of spontaneous healing - first of his severe cat allergy and later of his tendency to sunburn/inability to tan (fair-skindedness).

As soon as whitecoats decree that only Sativex is medicinal, and just as soon as the public gobbles that idea up, then we will have a disgusting new form of medical/scientific tyranny and a GW Pharmaceuticals monopoly of the medical cannabis market.  

My fellows, I recommend strongly that instead of buying Sativex and sipping the green dragon directly from the green ($) teat of GW Pharm, you make your own blessed tincture from cannabis that you grew in your blooming backyard for next to nothing!  If you buy Sativex, GW Pharm will be our new petit Amazon, and that’s why Dr. Weil wants you to ask for it.  He’s got stock in GW, I’ll wager.

When asked about a link between longevity/heatlh optimization and regular use of LSD, Dr. Weil hushes the people at MAPS and urges them not to spread such information willy-nilly, saying:

"I don't think this culture is yet ready to hear about health optimization through regular use of psychedelics."

Again, he knows much more than he is telling.  There is a top-down, authoritarian, compartmentalized control of information flow happening in this video.  He talks sort of like the CIA, really. 


It is sad to consider, but if marijuana can cure cancers then there are a lot of serious problems.  Here's a start (readers chime in):

- Cannabis is a Schedule I controlled substance (!)
     so the DEA is actually a TSSA (Tumor Suppressor Suppressor Administration)
- The information has been suppressed since at least 1974, if not much earlier

So, could cannabis really be nature’s original, "perfect," nontoxic chemotherapy?  That would be a very happy and very sad 'discovery'.

I think we should watch out for people like Andrew Weil that operate at the Solutions cash register of the Problem-Reaction-Solution chain.  If he knows that cannabis can cure cancers, and is demonstrably trying to hide the fact that it has been known for many years, then what else might he know?
I’m not sure I’d universally recommend the rice cooker method of making RSO described in Run From The Cure, but I did find this excellent, safer method which uses frozen Everclear and a countertop essential oil distiller unit to recover the solvent!  This seems the best route to go for anyone trying to cure a case of cancer with hemp oil at this time.  

I also highly recommend Patients Out Of Time as a medical marijuana resource.  If you like, check out their cancer page for some links to studies about the antitumor properties of cannabinoids!


Next, I thought I would try to be a prophet and see who is about to make the big bucks (if people unwittingly buy Sativex).  I visited GW Pharm's Board of Directors page: 

“The Company is controlled by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors has overall responsibility for the Group. Its aim is to represent the interests of the Group's shareholders and to provide leadership and control in order to ensure the growth and development of a successful business.”

The above quote makes it clear that these are the people who are actually responsible for how the company conducts itself.  A glance at their resumes reveals that the people about to make the big bucks already made the big bucks somewhere else!   How do they ever find the time to dedicate themselves to slavishly, altruistically pursuing cures in the laboratory for humanity's ailments with their tight investment schedules?  Who wipes the blood, sweat, and tears from their weary brows?  While it's no surprise that these folks seem to have a bit more interest in profit than in wellness, the next part is:

The board of directors page states that Tom Lynch, the last non-executive director on the page, was previously on top of Elan Corp.  Could this possibly be the very same 'Elan' from Burzynski?  What a perfect name!  What a cancer coincidence!

[See post "Dr. Oz approves of Burzynski"]

Even the National Institute of Cancer (when was cancer institutionalized?) openly recognizes the antitumor effects of cannabinoids!  Skeptics?  Check here:

On page 5 (the second link) NCI says, "No clinical trials of Cannabis as a treatment for cancer in humans were identified in a PubMed search; however, a single small study of intratumoral injection of delta-9-THC in patients with recurrent glioblastoma multiforme reported potential antitumoral activity."

The NCI works tirelessly to protect your health - feverishly searching PubMed for clinical trials that don't exist.  

I wasn't able to find any clinical trials, either.  I wonder why...perhaps there is a super(beyond)-federal agreement that makes cannabis illegal...

But don't forget that, paradoxically, our government mails tins of joints to the four remaining NIDA patients (of the original twenty) each month.

The question is: how do we deal with this information now that we have it?

1.  Let's have some clinical trials, baby!

2.  WAKE UP!  It's not about marijuana.  It's not about cancer.  It's not even about medicine.  It's about where it's all pointing.  The lie is on the surface - the truth is deeper.  We ought not to be satisfied with legalization.  Marijuana is the most medicinal plant in the world, and that is one reason it is illegal.  It's a malicious conspiracy, not just a greedy one, and cannabis is the tip of the iceberg.  The truth is that the current treatments for cancer are so profitable, that cures are not desirable for the pharmaceutical companies.  They don't want a 'cure,' and they never have!  The treatments themselves produce the disease they are supposed to fix as a side effect.  This is even more profitable.  There are a lot of questions that remain unanswered - especially "what else have we been lied to about?"  Don't stop digging!  (I won't)

     – THCalm Canary


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