Saturday, October 15, 2011

Burn the bird's nest!

Welcome to The Calm Canary Blog.  To you, my loyal readers, I hope to be a piece of litmus paper, a rhythmic beacon of uncommon sense, and a bringer of golden eggs.  In beginning this blog I invite my readers to “burn the bird’s nest” however they will.  Some posts will be written to expose myths, to disillusion the reader whenever possible, and to bring clarity to convoluted subjects or problems (birds' nests) by burning off tangled masses of fibers and unnecessary fluff and finding the golden eggs inside.  Other posts will simply involve the sharing of golden eggs – universal truths, goodnesses, or beauties. 

Here is a little handful of possible example subjects:
          - Paleonutrition, fitness, automobile antics
          - Wilderness survival, tracking, and awareness
          - Harpsichord
          - Certainty?
     - The evolution of people, technology, and society
     - E.T. Theory (a prerequisite for E.T. Practice)
-   -  Bohemian Grove antics
     - Enlightenment
     - Conspiracy Theory and Practice

Golden Egg Awards will be announced periodically.  The Golden Egg Hall of Fame will include names and mugshots from past awards. 

from an unknown author:

“When death knocks on your door, make sure he finds you alive.”


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